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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian media misuses wedding video in Pakistan as Afghan Taliban dancing

The video shows a few men dancing with guns at a wedding in Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. However, Indian media portrayed the men as the Afghan Taliban celebrating after conquering a city.

An Indian channel shows a viral wedding video from Bannu in Pakistan as Afghan Taliban dancing after taking over Maidan in Afghanistan.

The video shows a few men dancing with guns at a wedding in Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Whereas the Indian reporter is heard calling them Afghan Taliban who are dancing and celebrating after defeating Afghan forces in Afghanistan. The reporter called Maidan city, the gateway to the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.

The video was shared by a Pakistani Twitter user. Pakistani social media users mocked Indian media for fake reporting and masquerading dancing men as Afghan Taliban fighters. A Pakistani user commented that this is an old video shot in Bannu and he knows the men dancing in the video.

It is not the first time Indian channels have resorted to fake news for sensationalism. Back in 2020, they had claimed that a civil war has broken out in Karachi, Pakistan.

Moreover, recent research debunked claims of Indian media about Chinese nationals roaming with Kalashnikov and AK-47 rifles following the Dasu incident in Pakistan in July.

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The Dasu Bus explosion had claimed the lives of nine Chinese nationals. Following this, several Indian media outlets including India Today and local social media ran pictures of some Chinese nationals holding Kalashnikov claiming that they are now roaming with weapons for their safety and security in Pakistan.

Several Chinese nationals including engineers have been residing in Pakistan as they work on different projects initiated under CPEC.



According to the BBC report, the pictures of Chinese nationals were misused and contributed to a smear campaign against Pakistan ran by Indian social media. Social media users re-shared those pictures and asserted that Chinese nationals living in Pakistan are forced to pick up guns for their safety and security. The libelous campaign led major Indian outlets to question and discredit the competence of security agencies of Pakistan.

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An Indian user with a verified Twitter account had said: “China has ordered its citizens to keep Kalashnikovs with them during their stay in Pakistan. Even China (Pakistan) gives so much money to militant generals.”