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Friday, May 17, 2024

Indian medicos show support to couple from viral dance video

The video is inspired by the two doctors Janaki and Naveen from Kerala who released their video on social media dancing to the remix of Rasputin by Boney M.

A group of Indian medicos dances to upbeat music in a viral video to express solidarity with a couple from viral video dancing to the remix of Rasputin by Boney M.

The video is inspired by the two doctors Janaki and Naveen from Kerala who had released their video on social media shaking legs on the same song. The video instantly went viral on social media with the couple attracting attention from Pakistan as well.

After humongous success, some more young doctors joined Janaki and Naveen in recreating the viral video. The medicos also shot another video in solidarity with the couple who received flak from extremists for being an inter-faith couple. Janaki is Hindu while Naveen is Muslim.

Advocate Krishan Raj objected to the couple dancing together in the viral video. He said that the parents of Janaki must be careful since Naveen is Muslim.

In a Facebook post in the local language, he said: “Janaki and Naveen. The dance by two medical students in Thrissur Medical College is going viral. Janaki M Omkumar and Naveen K Razak are the two students. I smell something wrong here. Janaki’s parents should be careful. And if they are careful, they won’t have to be sorry later, as Nimisha’s mother has proven. Let’s pray for Janaki’s father Omkumar and his wife.”

Now, a group of medicos came in support of the doctors and dances to the same remix of Rasputin by Boney M following the same moves.

Despite communal remarks spewed at the couple, the video was shared by many people online and received an overwhelming response appreciating the duo.

Advocate Krishan Raj was condemned on social media for stirring communal tensions. Meanwhile, the IMA- Medical Students’ Network, Kerala also disapproved of his comments on their video.

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“It was recently that the dance video prepared by Janaki and Naveen, students of Thrissur Medical College, went viral all over the country. Some of the negative comments below the video clapped by millions of people cannot be contained or allowed.”

The post also said, “The communal remarks and posts that came out around the video are disgusting and concerning. Medical college campuses are a place where all the religious, caste, gender differences created by man become completely irrelevant.”

The medicos also encouraged people to follow COVID-19 SOPs as the deadly virus continues to spread at an exponential rate in India.