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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian Muslim Police Officer Plans to Change Name in Fear of His Life

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An Indian Muslim Police officer, Niyaz Khan, wants to change his name in fear of rising incidents of mob lynching in India. In a series of tweets, he expressed his concern over the increasing threat to the Muslim community in the region.

Niyaz Khan, the Muslim bureaucrat in Madhya Pradesh government, stated that he wants to change his name to protect himself from a violent mob attack.

He pointed out that he does not look like a Muslim as he does not have a beard or wears a Kurta, hence; changing his name would camouflage him from the threat of being attacked. He suggested this would help him in getting away from hate crimes and violence.

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“The new name will save me from the violent crowd. If I have no topi, no kurta, and no beard, I can get away easily by telling my fake name to the crowd. However, if my brother is wearing traditional clothes and has a beard he is in a most dangerous situation,” Khan tweeted.

He also advised fellow Muslims to change their names since the Indian state is powerless to protect them from hate crimes. He also called out the Muslim Bollywood celebrities as well and stated that they should also change their names so their films perform well.

“Bollywood actors of my community should also start finding a new name to protect their movies. Now even the top stars movies have started to flop. They should understand the meaning,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

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Khan is a writer and has penned down five novels so far. Niyaz Khan stated that he has expressed his fears in his upcoming novel ‘Tale of a Nocturnal’.

Recently a Muslim man, Tabriz Ahmed, was lynched in a 10-minute video which shook the Indian society and the entire Muslim world. The video shows dozens of men beating Tabriz, accused of burglary, who later succumbed to his injuries.