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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Indian police officer asking Muslims to pray Allah for India, video goes viral

The police officer appeals that Muslims should pray, for he has heard that prayers of Muslims who offer 'taraweeh' prayers are accepted immediately by Allah.

Video goes viral on social media in which a Indian police officer is asking Muslims to pray Allah for India on the streets of Mumbai. The country is heavily suffering from COVID-19 as daily cases surge to 314,000 approximately. Death ratio has also increased manifold due to shortage of medical services particularly the oxygen.

Police officer in the video is calling Muslims to pray for the sick through a megaphone. He appeals that Muslims should pray as he has heard that prayers of Muslims who offer ‘taraweeh’ prayers are accepted immediately by Allah. Video in which an Indian police officer asking Muslims went viral on Pakistani social media.

Deaths recorded due to coronavirus was 2104 on Friday. But the number is said to have been under reported to prevent panic.

India’s total cases are now at 15.93 million, the world’s second-highest, while total deaths reach a total of 184,657, according to health ministry of India.

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World’s second most populous nation, India is facing second wave of coronavirus infections, blamed on a “double mutant” variant and “super-spreader” mass gatherings like ‘Kumbh Ka Mela’, has brought its long-underfunded healthcare system to breaking point.


Pakistan social media is being flooded with sympathy for Indians struggling with the pandemic. Pictures, paintings, messages and videos are being shared to provide moral support to the neighboring country.

In another video, a girl is crying while filming from inside the hospital which shows COVID-19 patients lying on the beds waiting for help. The girl says they are facing oxygen shortage and that the hospital is helpless. She seems to be beside her sick mother’s bed.

COVID patients die on trolleys in India

For the second day running, the country’s overnight infection total was higher than any recorded anywhere in the world since the pandemic began last year, at 332,730.

Some 2,263 died, with over 300 of those in Delhi alone — figures that are almost certainly conservative.

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Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, in the northeast of India’s capital, is one of many battling oxygen shortages and a lack of space. Patients die on trolleys outside.

Modi under criticism

Health experts said India had let its guard down when the virus seemed to be under control during the winter, when new daily cases were about 10,000, and it lifted restrictions to allow big gatherings.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has come in for criticism for holding packed political rallies for local elections and allowing a religious festival at which millions gathered.

On Thursday, despite the biggest public health emergency the country has faced in a generation, people were voting in the eastern state of West Bengal for a new state assembly in an election that Modi has been campaigning in.