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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Indian propaganda exposed and defeated by Pakistan’s govt

Twitter is in a frenzy as posts regarding the failure of Indian propaganda take over the social media platform. Many users are also demanding that strict actions should be taken against India.

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In new developments, the Indian factor in the recent TLP protests has been exposed by EU Disinfo Lab. Twitter is set ablaze with the #IndianPropagandaFailed as evidence regarding India’s involvement in the TLP protests flood the social media platform.

However, before this propaganda by India could escalate, Pakistan’s government was successful in diffusing the TLP crisis. Through commendable efforts, the government was able to identify the role of external players in the protests and it also concluded that it’s a hybrid war by India.

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As the TLP crisis unfolded in Pakistan, various sources revealed that the extremist group received international support from more than 380 Indian WhatsApp groups.

It was also revealed that out of 400,000 tweets related to TLP protests, 70 percent were generated from fake accounts. These fake accounts were used to paint a negative picture of Pakistan internationally.

In an investigation by EU Disinfo Lab, researchers uncovered 265 pro-Indian sites operating across 65 countries. All these websites could be traced to a group called the Srivastava Group in New Delhi.

Srivastava Group has been accused of creating fake media forums which are dedicated to spreading false information regarding Pakistan. The objective of this forum is to present Pakistan as a terror state in the EU community.


Even the international media has now become more critical of India and is showing support towards Pakistan. To many users, India’s failed propaganda against Pakistan deserves strict actions. Many users are demanding that India should be blacklisted for running a fake campaign to malign Pakistan.


Despite India’s attempts, the propaganda has failed. PM Khan’s government has successfully persuaded TLP to end the protest in Lahore. Apart from this, both TLP and the government have come to a mutual decision regarding the expulsion of the French envoy.

In a meeting with TLP on Tuesday, the government decided to order the release of TLP chief Saad Hussain Rizvi and the arrested workers. The two parties also came to an agreement that the expulsion of the French ambassador should be debated in parliament in a cordial manner.

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Also, according to an anonymous source, the government has also agreed to reverse the ban on TLP, however, the group’s spokesperson or the government did not make any comments regarding this.