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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Indian Punjab Sings “Tappay” For Imran Khan: Sikhs Melody Rang On Twitter

The Sikh community reciprocated the love and warmth of Prime Minister Imran Khan with melodious Punjabi folk songs Tappays on Twitter.

The Sikh community from cross border India continued to shower love for Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan for his initiative of opening Kartarpur Corridor for Indian Sikh devotees.

The Sikhs from across the world are releasing Punjabi Tappay (local songs), expressing admiration and reverence for Imran Khan and Navjoth Singh Sidhu on social media. Scores of melodious ‘Tappays’ released by the Sikh community are making rounds on social media. As excitement mounts ahead of the Kartarpur Corridor inauguration, the elated Sikh devotees are making various expressions of love and respect for Pakistan.

Following the release of Tappay, a video of hoisting a Pakistani flag at a house in Jalandhar pinged around on Twitter.

Pakistan has won over the Sikh community across the world with the construction of the world’s largest Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, Narowa, Pakistan.

A day earlier, the hoarding hailing PM Khan and former cricketer Navjoth Singh Sidhu were put up across Amritsar city.

The hoardings hailed PM Imran Khan and Navjoth Singh Sidhu for the Kartarpur Corridor project. The message in a local language expressed love and affection for both the celebrated figures. The messages on the billboard cheered them as heroes for commencing a peace initiative between the two countries.

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The media stated, the hoardings were put up by Amritsar Municipal Councillor Harpal Singh Verka who is known to be close to Sidhu. Sidhu, who is himself a Congress leader, is the staunch critics of PM Modi’s policies.

The billboards appeared on Tuesday afternoon but were taken down within an hour by the authorities.

His announcement of special waivers for the Sikh pilgrims earned him further respect from the community. To facilitate the Sikh pilgrims, he asserted that the travelers from Kartarpur Corridor would not require a passport as long as they have a valid National ID card. He also waived the requirement for pre-registration of visitors 10 days in advance, and that no fees would be charged on the day of inauguration and Baba Guru Nanak’s 550th birth anniversary.