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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Indian singer Shan schools trolls condemning him for wishing Eid Mubarak

Indian singer Shan hits back at trolls for greeting Muslim community, Eid Mubarak. The singer received flak from the Hindu community for celebrating the festival of the religion he does not belong.

Shan retorted to critics instead of caving into the pressure. He did not apologize but said that his message reflected peace, tolerance, and respect for the people of other religions. He had posted an image of wearing a cap used by Muslim men while praying and with his hands raised he was seen making a prayer.

In his video, he said that both communities are celebrating their religious festivals on the same day hence this should be celebrated.


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“I have come live after a few days. Today is Eid, the Parshuram festival, and Akshay Tritya. I shared an Instagram post to wish my fans [on] Eid which is a screenshot from a music video I did three years ago, where I am reading namaaz,” he gave context. “I have come to Mangalore for an event, and I have been seeing the comments on it, that is why, despite being a Hindu, I posted [a picture] where I am dressed as Muslims would.”

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Emphasizing how his video is an explanation and not a justification, the singer said, “This is not a justification, but this live is merely being done because I wanted to talk about this a bit more. If you want to give that occasion or moment its due respect in a certain way, why is there such an issue over it? That post or that wish is not going to change the way I feel about my faith or you about yours. So why so much noise over it?” he said.

The singer added that such an extremist mindset is a threat to India’s progress as a nation. “We are a progressive nation, but if we cannot even harbor this much respect and tolerance for other faiths and religions than our own, we won’t make any progress. I want people to think about these things. I am a Hindu and Brahmin, but I am also a person and I am an Indian so I know how to respect everyone’s culture.”

The singer said, “I have gone to the Golden Temple as well and shared photos where you are required to cover your head. But there, I did not see such reactions.” He declared the extremist a threat to the progress of India.