laddu birthday PM Modi

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers have offered a 70-Kg laddu at Lord Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday to celebrate Indian PM’s Narendra Modi 70th birthday, reported Gulf News.

BJP followers offered prayers and distributed laddu among worshippers following the large procession organized outside the temple.

For the past week, the BJP workers have been carrying out different activities across India to mark PM Modi’s 70th birthday under the campaign Seva Satpah, started on Sept 14th. The activities include ration distribution and free medical check-ups.

Last year, the supporters of PM Modi prepared a 69 Kg laddu-shaped cake. The size of the sweet prepared on the birthday of PM Modi corresponds to his age. This unique gesture comes amid the worsening crisis of coronavirus and economic downturn in the country.

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While wishes pour in for PM Modi on his birthday, a score of Indian social media users are highlighting the economic downturn inflicted on India during his rule.

Several Indian citizens took to Twitter to record their protest against the economic slump in the country. A Twitter trend titled- #NationalUnemploymentDay ran parallel to the campaign started by BJP on Modi’s birthday. The upset Indians highlighted the economic crisis unfolding in India that has worsened after the pandemic coronavirus hit the country earlier this year.

“50 lakh jobs lost in the month of July, highest unemployment rate since last 45 years during Modi s rule and he is celebrating his birthday Let us mark 17th Sep as a National Unemployment Day to wake up Modi,” wrote a disillusioned Twitter user.

“The only Prime Minister who ‘created’ maximum UNEMPLOYMENT in India — Narendra Modi’s birthday will be observed as #NationalUnemploymentDay, henceforth! He promised 2 crores jobs every year but 2 crore people have lost their jobs due to his misadventures with India’s economy,” wrote another Indian citizen on Twitter.