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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Indians are better in morals than Pakistanis: Rabi Pirzada

"There is a reason why people leave Pakistan. Let me confirm today that Indians are much better than us. They never criticised me,” said Rabi Pirzada in a tweet while expressing her frustration. Rabi said, "This nation does not deserve talent, neither your voice nor my paintings to Adnan Sami. But are her emotional reactions justified; have Indians been less venomous towards her than her Pakistanis critics?

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Rabi Pirzada, the former Pakistani actress, says Indians are better than Pakistanis in morals. In a tweet, she expressed frustration with Pakistan. In a now-deleted tweet, Rabi talked about how she wants to leave the country.

Though News media are also reporting that she has now changed her mind. Her mental anguish and confusions are taking different forms and shapes since her private videos were released last year. Since then she first emerged as angry person wronged by cyber-criminals, then a repented Islamist confessing her immoral acts on TV, left show biz for Umra and a life of a hermit and now bent upon leaving Pakistan.

Indians are better than Pakistanis: Rabi Pirzada

“There is a reason why people leave Pakistan. Let me confirm today that Indians are much better than us. They never criticized me,” she said. “I apologize for what I have said in the past. This nation does not deserve talent, neither your voice nor my paintings,” she said to Adnan Sami on Twitter.

Adnan responded to this by saying, “May Allah SWT always protect you with happiness & good health wherever you choose to live. Love and duas.”


Were Indians any different than Pakistanis? 

While Rabi Pirzada condemns Pakistanis for being hard and harsh on her the fact remains that as per the brute traditions of film and show biz, every one took shots at her. Indian media and social chats reminded her of her comments against Narendra Modi and cooked up the story that Gen. Asif Ghafoor may have leaked her private videos. Indians like Pakistanis rejoiced in her moments of embarrassment – which was tough on her and has drained her emotionally but the fact remains that Indians and Pakistanis have proved morally equal when it comes to exploiting her misery.

Resurrection as a repentant sinner

After furious reactions, Rabi emerged through a 10 minute video as a “repentant sinner” who accepted her sins and bad mistakes. Though her style of “repentance” was more akin to what people watch in movies as a “Christian Confession” to a priest, but she recited Qurani verses and declared her departure from Show Biz. She mentioned that her scandal had only increased her market value in film and Show biz and she received even more offers for different roles. But she declared that she has rejected that life for ever, has made up her mind and will be leaving for Umra.

Apology to Adnan Sami

She even apologized to Adnan Sami for being part of the vitriol against him on social media. “We always tried to humiliate you, accuse you of things you didn’t do,” Rabi said. ” Today when this happened to me I know how you feel. I am sorry Adnan Bhai.”

Adnan Sami encouraged Rabi Pirzada to not to pay heed to the negativity. “Be strong. Keep the faith. You’re only answerable to Allah SWT. Most people pass judgment on matters that don’t concern them with little to no knowledge about the truth. They have no right! It’s your life. Live it on your term,” said Adnan Sami to Rabi Pirzada.

However, Rabi Pirzada received backlash on Twitter and Instagram for her comments on Pakistan. But in the related post, she retorted to the backlash and said she still loves her country.

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“Pakistan is in my blood. Your words or abusive comments can’t change my feelings for my motherland. But just for ur info, till today its only Pakistani Muslims sharing my data, not Indians. Does Islam teaches us to do it after one returns to Allah,” she said.

She, however, defended her comments that she thinks Indians are better than Pakistanis. “Indians are better than Pakistani in ethics. They never taunted me or uploaded something which gives me pain, my videos were repeatedly uploaded and shared by Muslims only in Pakistan. And I have a full right to complain my Allah about this Ummat,” she said.

Rabi Pirzada’s redemption

Rabi Pirzada has since then permanently quit the media industry. She even decided to perform Umrah after quitting the showbiz industry following the leak of her private videos and pictures online.

Earlier, Rabi Pirzada had made a heartfelt request on social media following her indecent videos which were leaked on the internet.

The singer and actress posted, “Allah will conceal the secrets of a person on the Day of Judgment who does not reveal the secrets of others in this world.”

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She had lodged a complaint in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing against the people responsible for leaking her private videos. Also, the pop singer took the stance in her application that she had returned her cellular phone to the company from which she bought it after the device ran down. The company gave her a new mobile, she said.

She expressed concerns that her data was stolen from the old device and shared with her friends. She requested the FIA Cyber Crime Wing to delete her videos from the internet that brought shame to her and her family.