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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Indians Twitter-roast a Hindu who voiced Muslim hate

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A Hindu man who complained on Twitter about his food order being delivered by a Muslim has been shamed by his fellow Indians, with even the founder of the food delivery app he used telling him that his business won’t be missed.

Twitter user @NaMo_SARKAAR on Wednesday ignited a powder keg of social media outrage after publicizing that he had been prevented from canceling an order on Zomato after discovering that his food was being delivered by a “Muslim fellow.”

In a series of tweets, the dissatisfied customer grumbled about how the food delivery app had “allocated a non-Hindu rider” for his order.

“@ZomatoIN is forcing us to take deliveries from people we don’t want,” he declared, adding that he had uninstalled the app and would “discuss the issue with my lawyers.”

“Just cancelled an order on @ZomatoIN they allocated a non-Hindu rider for my food they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want don’t refund just cancel”.

The company, however, remained unapologetic for its handling of the incident.

Within hours, the rebuttal against the anti-Muslim comment had garnered more than 40 thousand likes and nearly 15 thousand retweets.

The company’s founder, Deepinder Goyal, also weighed in, stating that he was proud of the “diversity of our esteemed customers and partners” and that Zomato wasn’t sorry to lose business which conflicts with its values.

The man’s Indian countrymen quickly joined in on the Twitter pile-on, expressing almost unanimous disgust with his comments.

“Take bicycle to work, because the fuel you are using comes from a Muslim nation,” noted a member of the Twitterati.

“I hope you were delivered by a Hindu doctor otherwise your whole life is a joke,” another unimpressed Twitter user mused.

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This isn’t the first time that mobile app users in India have received heat for religious discrimination. Last year a Hindu man bragged on Twitter about how he’d canceled a taxi ride after learning that his driver was Muslim.

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