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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Indians yearn for Atif Aslam’s music

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Indian fans across the border are demanding to uplift the ban on Pakistani singer Atif Aslam to work in Bollywood. An Indian singer, Armaan Malik, expressed his sentiments regarding the absence of Atif Aslam in Bollywood.

Responding to the tweet from an Indian, singer Amaal Malik, tweeted that he misses Atif Aslam performing in Bollywood.

“Please unban Atif Aslam, He’s an amazing artist as well as a good human being. We want Atif’s songs in Bollywood,” the fan expressed. To which Amaal responded, “Miss this guy’s voice in Bollywood.”

Atif Aslam has sung some very popular Bollywood melodies, which made him a leading artist in India’s media industry. Local vocalists, including Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, and Kumar Sanu have often protested the inclination towards the foreign artists in Bollywood, and negligence by the producers and directors of Bollywood.

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Earlier, his songs were removed from the YouTube channel of India’s music company, T-Series, post-Pulwama attack.

Atif Aslam expressed his obliviousness after his songs were expelled from an Indian YouTube channel. In any case, were reestablished later on. Vocalist Atif Aslam, nonetheless, expressed that he has an enormous number of fan following from the two sides of the border and consequently, he could not comprehend why he was attacked.

Several voices in Bollywood have vouched for Atif Aslam working in Bollywood. Indian filmmaker, Sudhir Mishra believes Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is among the finest singers in the Indo-Pak entertainment industry. Atif Aslam has recently sung the song ‘Sehmi hai Dhadkan’ in Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Das Dev’.

Praising Atif Aslam, Sudhir Mishra stated, “Like all great singers, Atif has the capacity to bring out the emotional depth of a song, but is never sentimental.”

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Atif Aslam, however, has refused to promote the song ‘Sehmi Hai Dhakan’ despite repeated requests from the makers of ‘Das Dev’ following the ban imposed by the Indian Film Industry on Pakistani artists working in India.