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Sunday, April 14, 2024

My optimism brought me success in CSS: Rabail Kennedy

Rabail Kennedy who took a distinctive position in CSS and is joining Pakistan Foreign Service appeared along with her father John Kennedy in Subha se Agay, a Hum TV show. She admitted CSS was a tough journey but her father, John Kennedy, a junior employee stole the show when he said that as Christian he never faced discrimination in Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Pakistan.

Individualism, optimism, and hard work made her successful in the prestigious competitive exam, for Central Superior Services (CSS) said Rabail Kennedy, a Pakistani-Christian girl from Sialkot.

Rabail Kennedy had appeared along with her father, Mr. John Kennedy, in Subha se Agay, a Hum TV show broadcast from Islamabad. The father of Rabail, John Kennedy is a driver in the Legal Wing of the Federal Board of Revenue. Earlier, the Federal Board of Revenue also congratulated John Kennedy on the success of his daughter.

John incidentally bears the name of famous US president, John F Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963 in Dallas. May be parents of Pakistani John Kennedy father of Rabail named him after the US president.

Rabail Kennedy shares: CSS was a tough journey 

Rabail Kennedy will be joining the foreign services of Pakistan following her success in the CSS examination.

In an interview with hosts Shiffa Yousafzai and Ovais Mangalwala, Rabail Kennedy opened up about her tough journey of passing the CSS examination. Kennedy spoke about her journey-beginning from her aspiration to become a CSS officer, to her preparations and eventually appearing in the examination.

Kennedy shared her experience of passing the CSS examination. She said individualism, optimism, and hard work are the keys to achieving any goal. Rabail said she believes that one does not compete against the thousands of other CSS aspirants but with himself or herself. Hence, one should give his/her best to achieve the goal.

When asked how she prepared for the CSS examination, Rabail Kennedy shared her exhaustive study and work schedule. Kennedy said she worked in the school from 8 am-2 pm. She also attended lectures for the Master’s program.

Rabail said she rationally selected her subjects and planned out her weekly study schedule accordingly. She balanced her time between optional and compulsory subjects.

The hosts asked her if she spared time for some leisure activities amid her tight schedule. Rabail Kennedy said: No, she did not have enough time to do anything else besides her studies and preparation. Kennedy said she is still not much active on social media.

Christians do not face discrimination in Pakistan

The hosts – Shiffa and Owais – then asked her father, John Kennedy, how he supported her daughter in her journey of CSS preparation. Kennedy expressed gratitude to the score of FBR officers in the Sialkot office who supported and guided Rabail Kennedy to appear for CSS examination. He said this encouragement from CSS officers bolstered their determination and confidence to achieve success.

He said not even for once he faced discouragement over belonging to a minority community with a humble background. John Kennedy says the whole city celebrated the success of his daughter Rabail Kennedy. He said he was overwhelmed with happiness when people called Rabail the daughter and the face of Pakistan.

The proud father John Kennedy said, with such colossal love and appreciation, he saw a glimpse of the spirit of Pakistan that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envisioned. He said he never faced discrimination in Pakistan for belonging to a minority community. But always got respect and encouragement.

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John Kennedy said he received congratulatory messages from dignitaries, including Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Federal Board of Revenue.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi congratulated Rabail Kennedy

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi congratulated Rabil Kennedy, a Pakistani-Christian girl for qualifying for foreign services of Pakistan in CSS examinations. Shah Mehmood Qureshi had a telephonic conversation with the girl. He appreciated her success. She passed the CSS examination with distinction. So, a foreign ministry press release praised her admission to the Foreign Services of Pakistan.

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Rabail determined to serve Foreign Services

Looking forward, Rabail Kennedy said she is enthralled to join the foreign services of Pakistan. She said she is ready to serve her country wherever her services are needed. Meanwhile, John Kennedy said he expects his daughter to live up to the title of ‘daughter of Pakistan’ as she begins her journey of a bureaucrat in the prestigious foreign ministry.

The Federal Board of Revenue issued an official letter congratulating the father-daughter duo over the esteemed accomplishment.

The picture of the letter circulated on social media. Social media users from Pakistan and outside, rallied in to congratulate the family. They commented that the success of Rabail Kennedy from a minority Christian community heralds that Pakistan is heading towards becoming a secular and inclusive state. Where even members of minorities are availing the opportunities to excel and serve the country.

Rabail: Women empowerment of Pakistan 

The inclusion of Rabail Kennedy in the foreign services of Pakistan will promote a more tolerant and peaceful image of the country. Also, Rabail Kennedy with her relentless hard work and triumph has set a bright instance of a women empowerment in Pakistan. Her success story will motivate other aspiring women to identify their potentials and strive for success in society.

Despite belonging to a humble background, Rabail Kennedy braved the socio-economic challenges to achieve her goals of clearing the CSS examination.

Renewed Interest in CSS & Civil Services?

Central Superior Services, was renamed “Pakistan Civil Services” in 1970’s. From the early days of Pakistan passing the competitive exam was considered a huge feather in one’s cap. In 1950’s and 1960’s Civil Services attracted the best and the brightest young minds of Pakistan.

Central Institutions produced not only produced able administrators, jurists, and ambassadors but also poets and writers. However it was expected that with the rise of professional classes like medicine, engineering and MBA’s the craze for civil services will dwindle and in many respects it has.

CSS does not attract the same pool as it used to do till 1980’s. First choice is now often to work for multinational institutions or financial bodies. However in recent years, with rise of pay and privileges there has been a renewed interest in the CSS exams and it is estimated that any time of the year almost 50,000 potential candidates are preparing for the exam at even if many don’t appear. GVS will continue to focus on CSS and its issues related to its reform.