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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Indonesian groom uncovers shocking scam 12 days after marriage

The investigation revealed that ESH had successfully adopted a female persona, complete with a high-pitched voice and convincing appearance.

In a startling revelation that has captivated Indonesia, a 26-year-old groom known only as AK discovered just twelve days after his wedding that his new bride, Adinda Kanza, was actually a man. The discovery unfolded a tale of deceit and fraud, leading to the arrest of the impostor, identified as ESH.

Beginnings of a Deceptive Romance

AK, from Naringgul, Java, met Adinda Kanza, also 26, on Instagram in 2023. The couple’s online relationship blossomed, leading them to meet in person. During their face-to-face meetings, Kanza consistently wore a niqab, a traditional Muslim face covering. AK perceived this as a sign of her devotion to Islam, never suspecting that it might be a guise for something more sinister.

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Despite the religious devotion Kanza portrayed, she claimed to have no living family. This story led to the couple’s decision to marry in a small ceremony at AK’s home on April 12. Kanza even brought a dowry of five grams of gold, cementing the illusion of a genuine marriage.

Suspicion Arises

Married life soon proved unusual for AK. Kanza continued wearing her niqab at home, contrary to Muslim tradition, which allows a wife to unveil herself in her husband’s presence. Additionally, she avoided any form of intimacy, frequently citing menstruation or illness as reasons. These behaviors aroused AK’s suspicions, prompting him to delve deeper into his new spouse’s background.

AK’s investigation led him to Kanza’s supposed family home, where he was met with a shocking revelation. Contrary to Kanza’s claims of being an orphan, her parents were alive and well. More astonishingly, they informed AK that “Adinda Kanza” was actually their son, ESH, who had been cross-dressing since 2020.

Deception Unraveled

The police were brought into the matter, and ESH was arrested on charges of fraud. According to local media reports, ESH admitted to posing as a woman and marrying AK with the intention of stealing his family’s assets. The investigation revealed that ESH had successfully adopted a female persona, complete with a high-pitched voice and convincing appearance.

Authorities suggested that ESH enjoyed masquerading as a woman while engaging in relationships with men. It also emerged that ESH had previously dated women, indicating a complex personal history that the police are still trying to fully understand.

Legal Consequences and Public Reaction

ESH now faces up to four years in prison if convicted of fraud. The case has sparked widespread discussion about identity, deception, and trust in relationships within Indonesia. AK’s ordeal serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potential dangers of online relationships and the importance of thorough personal knowledge before marriage.

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As the investigation continues, the Indonesian public remains riveted by this extraordinary case of marital deception. The story of AK and ESH highlights the complexities of modern relationships and the lengths to which some individuals will go for financial gain.