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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Inonu University students stand in solidarity with Gaza

In the wake of ongoing turmoil in Gaza, university students worldwide have emerged as vocal advocates for justice and peace.

In the wake of ongoing turmoil in Gaza, university students worldwide have emerged as vocal advocates for justice and peace. Among them, the students of Inonu University in Malatya, Turkey, have stood at the forefront, demonstrating unwavering solidarity with the people of Gaza. In a series of powerful protests and events, they have raised their voices against the atrocities committed by the Israeli regime and called for immediate action to end the violence and oppression.

Voices of Unity 

Hailing from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines, the students of Inonu University have come together under a shared mission: to condemn the ongoing genocide in Gaza and to advocate for the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people. Their activism transcends borders, echoing the sentiments of millions worldwide who refuse to remain silent in the face of injustice. From Yemen to Syria, Somalia to Angola, their voices resonate with passion and determination, speaking not only of their own struggles but also of the collective pain and suffering endured by the people of Gaza.

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Symbolic Stand 

In a poignant display of solidarity, students at Inonu University’s Theology Faculty Mosque set aside their academic robes and pens to participate in a sit-in protest. Symbolizing their commitment to the cause, they honored the memory of those who have lost their lives in the struggle for justice in Gaza. As life stories of the fallen were shared, emotions ran high, fueling the resolve of those present to continue their fight for a better world.

Rallying Cry 

Amidst chants of “silence is complicity in genocide,” students condemned the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli regime in Gaza. Abdullah Dinçadam, a medical student, delivered a powerful message in multiple languages, highlighting the ongoing genocide and calling for international action to halt the atrocities. His impassioned plea highlighted the urgent need to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and ensure the right to education for affected students.

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In their multilingual press statement, the students of Inonu University called upon the global academic community and world leaders to take immediate action to end the genocide and violence against pro-peace advocates in Gaza. They denounced the indifference to the suffering of the Palestinian people as a betrayal of moral duty and emphasized the importance of standing together for peace and justice. As they vowed to continue their struggle, they urged others to join them in mobilizing the international community to stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza.