Inside Syria Part 1: In The City Of Allepo You Have A Million Ways To Die And No Chance To Escape

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Syria is in the midst of one of the bloodiest wars in the modern history. Millions of people are either dead or displaced and are looking at a future that’s only full of rubble, dust and poverty.  Indiatimes is now on-ground trying to bring you the latest developments on ground from the various parts of the war-torn country. Here’s the first part of our series Inside Syria, which shows the condition of people in the city of Allepo.

Indiatimes presents #InsideSyria our ground reports from the bloodiest war of our times.

Eastern Allepo is under control of rebels while western part is under the control of government forces. Worse, it’s surrounded by Iranian and Russian backed militias forces and the attack is relentless. At least 41 civilians have lost their lives in the city in past three days, according to Al Jazeera. The city has been under siege for past 60 days and is without water, electricity and under a blockade of all supplies. There is no food or medicines and worse no hospital.

Indiatimes presents #InsideSyria our ground reports from the bloodiest war of our times.

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