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Friday, April 12, 2024

Insights on E-commerce: What You Need to Know

Everybody is asking what is ecommerce? It is a question on most newbie entrepreneurs’ minds. It is using an electronic medium to perform business transactions. As simple as that! In other words, ecommerce is also known as “Virtual Market Place.”

Technology has revolutionized how things are done, and in every minute there are millions of people on the internet looking for something. They could be searching for information, products, news, services, online shopping etc. Many people are looking for products and services on the online platform to avoid the tiresome physical transaction process.


Now that you are aware that ecommerce is conducting business online, it is potent to note that online shopping is the most common type of ecommerce. However, it also involves other activities like online ticketing, internet banking, payment gateways and online auctions. 

Ecommerce has been increasing its activities on the online platform day in day out with more and more customers joining the movement.  The following is all about ecommerce that you ought to know.

Distinct eCommerce Business Types

There are three online business models that ecommerce is classified to. They are usually based on the participants involved in a given transaction. Among them include:

  • B2B (Business to business). Here what happens is that companies will sell their commodities or services to other companies. Where the customer buys in bulk, they are given the products at discounted prices which motivate impulse buying.
  • C2C (Consumer to consumer). It is typically a new business model where a consumer buys an item, and they want to resell it to another consumer. It is enabled through marketplaces like Craiglist and eBay.
  • B2C (Business to consumer). It is the most popular kind of business where a company will sell products or services to consumers. It usually occurs in small quantities and consumers cannot purchase everything in bulk in this kind of business. A lucrative example is a shop. Customers will keep coming back to buy goods, but there is no one time they will buy in bulk and leave the business with nothing to sell.


How eCommerce Works

eCommerce is just like physical retail. The main difference is that it is done over the electronic medium.

Basics of eCommerce

In simple terms, it involves one party paying some money while the other provides services or goods. Almost everything can be bought online starting from books, food, magazines, pets etc. You can also subscribe to your favourite magazine, software, music and even an online course.


  • Acceptance of orders


Here are some of the key issues to have in mind when accepting orders in ecommerce. You need to be able to calculate your taxes and if possible look for ways to reduce the taxes. Also look at the billing, delivery address, discount and coupons processing, payment gateway and even the delivery details.


  • Acceptance of the payment


Online transactions will be carried out by a payment gateway which has the payment options. It also accesses the personal details such as credit card numbers and also CVVs. The payment system is supposed to have a multi-step authentication so that not just anyone can access customers’ details and information. You can also ensure safety of your customer’s online transactions by integrating Shopify’s checkout page which is also fully integrated mobile optimized checkout.


  • Delivery information


Ensure that your ecommerce business does not have issues with logistics. Make sure that the products reach the intended customers in good time and in good shape. You can decide to hire a third-party logistics company to do the job, or you could do it yourself. What matters most is in what state and time the product will get to the consumer. 


  • Customer care


Always be ready to handle your customers’ questions and issues. They will sometimes miss the spellings for the personal details; they will pick the wrong order size from what they wanted and so on. Assist them in any way you can, and they will remain loyal to your ecommerce business.


  • Reversal logistics


It is not one of the best happenings, but as you are aware, not everything goes according to plan. Products will not always arrive in good shape, or the exact quantity or size ordered. Be ready to get orders back from the customers after they are probably not satisfied with what they have received. You have to fix that issue with the customer and address their concerns professionally.


Types of Commodities on eCommerce Platforms

  • Physical goods. They are the most common type of eCommerce websites. Goods are displayed in online stores, and customers will add items they want to buy in the shopping carts. If the customer buys a particular product, then the firm will be responsible for delivering it to the consumer.
  • Digital products. They include podcasts, online courses, Ebooks and software. Basically, via ecommerce, you can buy what you want and also learn what you wish. 
  • Services. Repairing services, consultancy services and also educational services are offered in ecommerce. That is all about ecommerce and the products offered for sale you ought to add to your cup.

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile ecommerce involves buying and selling of services and products via mobile phones. Almost everyone has purchased something through their mobile as it has become a common way to transact nowadays.

For the people running ecommerce businesses via mobile phones here are quick ways you could enhance your users’ experience with your services:

  • Speed up the website. Show your customers that you value their time and would not want to waste even a single minute of their precious time.
  • Payment systems should be comfortable and safe to use. They should not lose their cash while on your mobile website.
  • Initiate an app. An app is convenient and makes your ecommerce website appear more trustworthy to the customers.

Ecommerce Marketing

The success of your online store is dependent on the marketing strategy you apply. When starting, resources are limited, and therefore you should minimize how you use them. Here are some of the effective ecommerce marketing strategies to employ.

  • Email marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Google Adwords



That is all about ecommerce that you ought to be aware of. It entails conducting business via the internet and it covers several aspects. Once you fully understand what ecommerce is all about, then, you can run an online business or store and make supernormal profits. 

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