5 Tips for Installing and Maintaining Play Equipment Safely


Playgrounds provide the perfect opportunity for children to learn and have fun in the fresh air. Unfortunately, despite the many benefits of this kind of space, there is a degree of risk and a chance that accidents will happen. Sadly, 40,000 injuries to children that result in a trip to hospital, occur on playgrounds in the UK annually. 

Whilst there will always be accidents where children play, what you can do is minimise the risk of this happening with best practises for installing and maintaining your outdoor play equipment. To help you make a start enhancing the safety of your outdoor play space, here are 5 tips for installing and maintaining play equipment safely: 

  1. Choose Your Supplier Wisely

The best outdoor playground equipment suppliers will already have safety regulations and standards in mind when designing and creating their playground equipment. No corners are cut, and guidelines, as well as laws, are followed with the materials, build and design of each piece. Ideally, the supplier you choose will have: 

  • Years of experience
  • Lots of recent great testimonials and reviews
  • Be happy answering any question you have on the safety of the equipment
  • Have various installation suggestions and be willing to come to the site for a bespoke design suggestion

Spending the time to find the right supplier will ensure that you’re in the best possible hands when it comes to the safety, installation and maintenance of your play equipment. 

  1. Have Regular Professional Checks

Having regular professional checks by an independent, certified inspector ensures that the playground has the best possible chance of being maintained properly long-term. Choose Register Of Play Inspectors International who will complete minor repairs there and then on the day of inspection, and provide a recommendation and quote for more extensive repairs or replacement equipment. Having these official inspections from inspectors recognised by independent organisations ensures the best long-term safety standard of your outdoor play area, and proof of safety compliance. 

  1. Have Daily In-House Checks

Health and safety training for teachers is far-reaching, and includes first aid for children, and the ability to keep children safe during their time at school. Part of that role has to include daily in-house checks of playing areas and the equipment within them. You’ll need to create a suitable risk-assessment plan for your team to use, and ensure there is a paper trail showing checks are done. Daily checks should include considerations like the following: 

  • Any loose or unstable materials
  • Any new or continual flooding or spills of liquids or materials on the surface 
  • Equipment moving or feeling different to how it does usually
  • Obvious rust, holes, breaking or instability
  • Criminal damage

These checks are in combination with general risk assessments that assess risks like inappropriate age groups using the equipment, or inadequate supervision of children within the playground space. 

  1. Invest More Up Front

Getting funding for playground equipment is challenging and can often include fundraising and applying for grants. Because of this, it can be so tempting to cut corners and get cheaper equipment, with cheaper installation processes. Unfortunately, this is not only a false economy, but it could mean you’re more at risk of the playground itself being unsafe. By investing in an experienced, trusted company who puts every effort into exceptional design, build and installation processes, you get equipment that lasts longer, is easier to maintain and that ultimately has every safety element in place. It’s about choosing the best value for money when it comes to the equipment and installation, not the cheapest or most expensive company or service. 

  1. Act Quickly

Although regular checks and equipment care will prevent issues with the equipment, ultimately, repairs, upgrades and general maintenance will be necessary at some point. The quicker you act when an issue is identified with your equipment, the less likely the problem is to cause extensive damage. If the issue is more than aesthetic, it is important to stop children using the equipment until a repair or replacement is made. 

Why Not Speak To The Professionals About Safe Installation & Maintenance Of Your Outdoor Play Area? 

From design, to installation and use of playground equipment, the best route to the highest standards is always via the services of a fantastic, experienced playground equipment supplier. 

Whether you want a layout of mud kitchens on Vivid Grass Safer Surfacing, or a cool climbing frame on bright and beautiful wet pour, opting for the most trustworthy playground equipment company will give you the best possible chance of safe installation, equipment and maintenance. Speak to a professional today to find out how they can help your school benefit from the highest standards of playground equipment and safety.