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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Iran desires talks on nuclear deal irrespective of western pressure: Raisi

Iranian President Raisi said Iran will build momentum on nuclear deal irrespective of western pressure to relieve its economy from unjust US sanctions. He added that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful and reiterates its adherence on the deal signed in 2015.

Iranian President asserted that Iran is ready to push for 2015 nuclear deal talks irrespective of western pressure. Ebrahim Raisi, the new Iranian President also added that this decision came in the wake of reliving the Iranian economy from unjust US sanctions that has crippled the livelihood of people for years.

World powers voicing concerns over collapsed Iran nuclear deal

France and Germany have urged Iran to return to negotiations after a break in talks following Iranian elections in June, with Paris demanding an immediate restart amid Western concerns over Tehran’s expanding atomic work.

Last month, France, Germany and Britain voiced concern about reports from the U.N. nuclear watchdog confirming Iran has produced uranium metal enriched up to 20% fissile purity for the first time and lifted production capacity of uranium enriched to 60%.

Although the Biden administration had initially decided to talk to revive the collapsed Iran nuclear deal which former US president Donald Trump had dismantled, the advent of hard-liner, conservative Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has sparked concerns among US officials. They fear that the new government in Tehran is speeding ahead on nuclear research and production and preparing new demands for the United States.

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US needs to step in to revive the nuclear deal, says Raisi

Iran says its nuclear programme is peaceful, that it has informed the watchdog about its activities, and that its moves away from the 2015 deal would be reversed if the United States returned to the accord and lifted sanctions.

“The Westerners and the Americans are after talks together with pressure … What kind of talks is that? I have already announced that we will have talks on our government’s agenda but not with … pressure,” Raisi told state television.

“Talks are on the agenda … We are seeking goal-oriented negotiations … so unjust sanctions on the Iranian people are lifted … and their lives can flourish,” he added.

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US unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

In 2015, US president Barack Obama decided to bring a diplomatically isolated Iran in the international community by striking the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015. The purpose was to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful which otherwise it may be detrimental for the stability of the Middle East in the backdrop of Iran-Saudi geopolitical rift and for the world at large.

Tables turned when President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled US out from the nuclear deal initially signed between Iran and P5+1. The US pull-out landed Iran again into stringent US sanctions which Iranian government officials warning that they might expedite on its nuclear ambitions.

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