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Friday, February 23, 2024

Irfan Qadir resigns as SAPM after SC episode?

It is being reported that he tendered his resignation after facing embarrassment in the Supreme Court. 

Senior lawyer Irfan Qadir has resigned as the Special Assistant of the Prime Minister on Accountability & Interior (SAPM) six months after his appointment.

According to the details, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has also accepted the resignation of Irfan Qadir who also confirmed the development to the media.

While it remains unclear why Irfan Qadir resigned, it is being reported that he tendered his resignation after facing embarrassment in the Supreme Court.

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Irfan Qadir appeared before the Supreme Court as an Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) representative on a PTI petition against the postponement of elections. The chief justice refused to accept him as ECP counsel and he left the court.

During today’s hearing, ECP’s lawyer Irfan Qadir appeared before the court upon CJP Bandial’s inquiry. Starting his arguments, Qadir said that it was his first appearance in the case.

CJP Bandial asked him that ECP had to submit the documents today. At this, the lawyer said that there was a procedure for that and “why is the court in a rush”. CJP Bandial then directed him to give his arguments if he hadn’t brought the documents.

“You are superseding the other lawyer,” he said.

At this, Qadir said that he was leaving the rostrum and the court can do whatever it wanted and select the lawyer as per its will.

CJP Bandial remarked that Hamid Ali Shah and Sajeel Swati had appeared on behalf of ECP in the previous hearing. At this, Irfan Qadir left the courtroom, with Swati proceeding to the rostrum for arguments.

This is the second major resignation of government officials over the election postponement debacle. Last week, Barrister Shehzad Elahi resigned as attorney general of Pakistan. Shehzad Elahi’s resignation comes nearly seven weeks after his appointment was confirmed by President Arif Alvi on Feb 2.

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While Shehzad Elahi cited personal reasons for his resignation, it was also reported that he resigned due to the immense pressure he was put under.