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Friday, May 17, 2024

Is media above the law? The viral video says it all…

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The video of three media personnel violating a traffic rule in Lahore is making rounds on social media. The video has brought the media fraternity under a lot of backlash on social media. The alleged video shows that a traffic warden stopped three media personnel on the motorbike for not wearing the helmet.

The Lahore traffic police have initiated a strict control on commuters for violating the traffic rules. They are imposing heavy fines on transgressors. The three media personnel, however, resisted the traffic police when they fined them for not wearing the helmet while riding a bike.


The bike riders instead of complying by the authority showed their press cards and refused to pay the fine. The video has generated a debate on social media where people are questioning the arrogant and irresponsible behavior of the violators.

Many people while discussing the issue recounted several incidents where media personnel had refused to adhere to the rules and instead considered themselves above the law. They also reprimanded them for disrespecting and threatening the traffic warden for legitimately fining them.

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“Why are you giving us your press card,” the wardens asked the similar question to all three, adding that they were stopped due to their violation of traffic rules. “I will see you,” one of the media persons said, while another said if wardens wanted to keep his bike, they could but he would get it back the same day.

It is a laudable initiative by Lahore traffic police to ensure the road safety of the citizens, however, it is equally imperative for the commuters to respect the rules and the authority. The mistreatment of traffic wardens at the hands of media personnel is an alarming sign for the media community to redirect the light on the behavior of its members when they are proactively calling out other miscreants in the society.