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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Is Ms. Marvel ridiculing Quaid’s vision?

Ms Marvel continues to be the talk of the town with many praising it for depicting the true culture of Pakistan while many others being critical of it for wrong depiction of subcontinent's history.

An episode of the latest series by Marvel Studios spurred controversy due to its misleading depiction of the history of subcontinent. The controversial dialogues have been analyzed in-depth by a history enthusiast who goes by the name Fidato on twitter. In a twitter thread, Fidato deconstructed the controversial dialogues from Ms Marvel and pointed out how the show have misled its audience regarding the partition of sub-continent.

He is of the view that the dialogues from Ms Marvel depict the narrative of Indian nationalists, who believe that Pakistan is a creation of British imperialism and that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is to be blamed for the division of the sub-continent as he spread communal virus.

He pointed out that Jinnah—the founder of Pakistan, was regarded as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity unless two events changed him; the 1932 Round Table Conference and the rule of Hindu-majority Congress from 1937 to 1939.

He goes on to support his stance with evidence from history.

Firstly, he proved through statistics and facts that congress was clearly a Hindu-majority party with a Hindu-nationalist agenda. He pointed out that out of the 4.5 million party members of Congress in 1938, 97% were Hindus.

He goes on to shed light on the 28 months of the Congress rule which can safely be described as horrific for the Muslims of subcontinent. The congress rule culminated in 1700 casualties resulting from 57 serious communal riots. Moreover, the Muslims were marginalized by denying them government offices, banning construction of new mosques, banning cow-slaughter, introducing Mandar Scheme which aimed at promoting Hindu culture, and so on.

Fidato quoted Churchill who said that during the congress rule more civilians were killed by police than in the 200 years of British rule. Having witnessed the horrors of the Congress rule Jinnah was convinced that a Congress-led “Hindustan is for the Hindus”.

From the facts presented by Fidato in his latest twitter thread, it can be concluded that neither Jinnah nor the British imperialism is to be blamed for the partition of subcontinent, in fact, the Congress is to be blamed for the divide as it pursued a Hindu nationalist agenda as per which “Hindustan is for the Hindus”.

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