Ishaq Dar expresses gratitude on a sarcastic comment by journalist

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Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, perhaps, unable to take sarcasm replied to the comment of journalist Mubashir Zaidi with an emoji of gratitude. Perhaps Ishaq Dar took the sarcasm as compliment.

Zaidi on Tuesday tweeted that Pakistan is going back to ‘DarEconomics’. The term is used to describe the economic policies of Ishaq Dar. He, however, did not understand the sarcasm of the journalist and replied with an emoji expressing his gratitude.

Mubashir Zaidi was probably hitting at the ongoing economic crisis and the upcoming actions of the government to revive the remaining economic deal with IMF. Netizens commenting on the tweet of Mubashir Zaidi recalled how Ishaq Dar’s disastrous policies had ruined Pakistan’s economy.

Ishaq Dar is now garnering mockery on social media for failing to comprehend the sarcasm. Twitter users have posted hilarious comments following the response of Ishaq Dar.

“Twitter should allow users to label such tweets as “Sarcastic/Satirical”. Warna who knows koi issey complement samajh le,” said a Twitter user.

Another user replying to the tweet of Ishaq Dar said: “I dunno how to break it to you, but I don’t think he meant it as a compliment.”

A Twitter user recalling the interview of Ishaq Dar with BBC said, “Just like he thought BBC interview was some freakin’ achievement.”

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Dar was thrashed and left speechless on questions related to his properties and illness by BBC’s interviewer, Stephen Sackur. Dar struggled to give satisfactory answers to the grilling given to him by the host on the show, which caught the attention of social media. Dar was at a loss for words when the host asked him about the number of properties he and his family own. “It’s all declared in my tax returns,” Dar replied. The host insisted on him giving a clear and coherent answer and reiterated that he just wanted a simple answer to his question on how many properties he and his family had.

Ishaq Dar is again garnering mockery on social media following his poor comprehension of the sarcasm. His response also hints if he is actually guiding the economic decision from behind the scenes as mentioned by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah. The minister said that the incumbent government is taking guidance from PMLN’s ‘financial guru’ to manage the economic crisis.