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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

ISIS and Al-Qaeda: Muslim Jihadist or Covert Projects of Mossad and CIA?

Merwah Qureshi |

Terrorism has engulfed the whole globe but it has played havoc in the Muslim world. The world has known famous and notorious terrorist organizations i.e.AL-QAEDA and ISIS has made the gulf a real battleground. The blood bathing of this area is not a hidden story anymore. Al-Qaeda and ISIS -both following the Salafist ideology- have brought Iraq and Syria to ruins. These are the terrorist outfits aspiring to establish a caliphate. They are self-proclaimed jihadist organizations, however, acting contradictory from the true ideology of jihad in Islam.

Dubious role of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Middle East

ISIS known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is the richest most terrorist organization. Both Al-Qaeda and ISIS with their Salafist ideology have critically affected the Middle East. From capturing Mosul to Damascus and from beheading Muslims of Iraq to the Muslims of Syria, these organizations have marked a history of brutality. However, there is an irony in all their activities. Besides fighting the Muslim states, ISIS and Al-Qaeda both have never attacked Israel which is the biggest enemy of Muslims in the Middle East.

Israel with her brutal acts towards the Palestinian Muslims and her hawkish policies towards the other states including Iran and Iraq is still safe from the wrath of ISIS or Al-Qaeda. These so-called Muslim jihadist groups have never come in confrontation with Israel to help Palestinians suffering at the hands of Israel instead, they have declared war against Hamas -the organization helping Palestinians. Moreover, Israeli former Minister of Defense -Moshe Ya’alon-claimed that ISISafter attacking Israeli defence forces unit apologized to Israel.

Israel with her brutal acts towards the Palestinian Muslims and her hawkish policies towards the other states including Iran and Iraq is still safe from the wrath of ISIS or Al-Qaeda.

Why ISIS and Al-Qaeda maintain friendly posture towards Israel?

So here the question arises why ISIS and Al-Qaeda maintain this friendly posture towards Israel? If they proclaim themselves to be the jihadists then why haven’t they attacked Israel yet?  From attacking Turkey, Germany, France, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other countries why Israel enjoys immunity from these notorious organizations? Are they pro-Israel or terrified of Israel? This pro-Israel attitude clearly shows thatISIS and Al-Qaeda are the strategic instruments nurtured by the US and her Sunni Arab allies to disrupt the equilibrium in this entire region by attacking all the potential opponents of Israel and to help Israel prosper.

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The conventional school of thought   

To answer these questions different schools of thought have emerged. One such school of thought –following the conventional approach- holds the view that these terrorist groups are terrified of the conventional military power of Israel. So attacking Israel would be a strategic suicide for them. As compared to Israel they are less strong in the military weaponry and finances which refrains them from attacking her.

The sceptical school of thought: ISIS and Al-Qaeda being the foreign instruments

The other school of thought opposes the aforementioned belief with the help of sceptical approach. As per this school of thought, Hamas – with scarce resources as compared to these mighty jihadist outfits- also attacks Israel. So, if Hamas can fight for the Palestinians then why can’t these organizations attack Israel? Moreover, Israel’s preference of ISIS over Assad regime also testifies the non-enmity between these two units. On the same hand, ISIS and Al-Qaeda have seemed to attack all the anti-Israel states but Israel, which further strengthens the assumption that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are the American projects launched to strategically control the area and to protect Israel.

Furthermore, keeping in consideration the influence of Israeli lobby in US foreign policy formulation and Saudi-US cordial relations, another reason for not attacking Israel might be a US-supported Saudi-Israel nexus. The growth of this nexus has been further strengthened by the public announcement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Saudia is Israel’s ally now”.  In addition to this, ISIS and Al-Qaeda follow Salafist ideology and have noted to receive the hefty amount of assistance and support from the Arab Salafist states so they act as per the whims and wishes of these Arab giants. These facts provide the answer that why ISIS and Al-Qaeda have not attacked Israel but anti-Israel, anti-US and pro-Muslim states and groups.

Israel’s preference of ISIS over Assad regime also testifies the non-enmity between these two units

All these points clearly show the prejudiced and friendly posture of these self-proclaimed jihadist organizations towards the state targeting Muslims of Middle East with her brutal and hawkish strategies.

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ISIS and Al-Qaeda: The covert projects of Mossad and CIA

There are facts which show that these so-called Muslim terror outfits are actually the covert projects of Mossad and CIA. The ingress of the Israeli lobby in US foreign policymaking is well known to the entire world. Moreover, probably from Edward Snowden and according to Veterans Today 4 Aug. 2014 and International Business Times on 14 Aug. 2014, Abu Bakar al Baghdadi is Jew and a Mossad agent and his real name is Simon Elliot.

Furthermore, not only Abu-Bakar Al Baghdadi but many other leaders of ISIS and Al-Qaeda are agents of CIA and Mossad. In addition to this, according to The New American 14 sept 2014 one of the top military commanders of ISIS Tarkhan Batirashvili -a.k.a. Abu Omar al Shishani- was exposed to be the U.S trained. Similarly, Sheikh Nabil Na’eem- the former Al-Qaeda commander- in his interview to Al-Maydeenconfesses that these terror organizations are controlled by the CIA. He further unveils the fact that IssamHattito head of Muslim brotherhood fighting against Bashar-al-Assad is residing in Tel Aviv.

The aforementioned facts are sufficient to explain the biased approach of ISIS and Al-Qaeda towards Israel.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s concept of jihad: In contradiction to the Doctrine of Islamic Jihad

Instead of attacking Israel, these terrorist organizations are waging war against the pro-Palestinian fighting group Hamas. This should be enough for the people making contributions to support these terror outfits. It clearly depicts that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are trying to secure the foreign interests in the name of Islamic jihad. Their concept of jihad varies critically from the true essence of the doctrine of Islamic jihad. As per the teachings of Islam jihad is the prerogative of state and it can only be waged for defence purpose or in the response of an attack. Moreover, jihad should be waged with the proportional force. Furthermore, children, women and old citizens should not be affected.

Not only Abu-Bakar Al Baghdadi but many other leaders of ISIS and Al-Qaeda are agents of CIA and Mossad

Declaration of ISIS and Al-Qaeda as Khawariji groups

However, if we look at the mechanism of these organizations it is quite evident that it is in sheer contrast with the Islamic principles regarding jihad. The Islamic Ulemas – under the light of Islamic teachings- have given fatwa after Ijma and Ijtihad against these organizations and have declared them khawarijis.

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Way Forward

From the above discussion, it becomes quite clear that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not Muslim jihadist groups but the policy instrument of the Israeli led block to achieve the aim of regional hegemony and the annihilation of the Muslim power. They are not the pro-Muslim organizations working for the amelioration of Muslim world but are the western terror outfits to affect it on all grounds.

The general public -explicitly the youth- should be made more aware of the facts that how these organizations slaughter Muslims brothers in the name of Islam and how they misinterpret the message of Islam. West is actually paranoid of Muslim strength and Islamic power so they try to restrict Muslim world’s walk towards the path of prosperity with the help of these kinds of manipulative terror outfits. It is the need of the hour for all the Muslim states to shed the internal difference and to join hands to unveil their enemies who are aspiring to suck their resources and to turn them into barren land.

Miss Merwah Hamid Qureshi holds an M. Phil Degree in Biochemistry from QAU, Islamabad and also a visiting lecturer for International Relations at National Officers Academy (NOA), Rawalpindi. She is a freelance content writer for online portals like Amazon.