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Monday, April 15, 2024

ISIS Member Shares Video of Child Jihadist

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An alleged ISIS member Munir Muhammad, 37 sent his girlfriend a video of child-jihadists executing prisoners.Munir Muhammad is a factory worker and his girlfriend Rowaida al Hassan, 33, is a graduate pharmacist. He met her on a Muslim dating site. 

They have both been accused of planning a terror attack with a homemade bomb.In a hearing, he told the court, that initially, he sent her one string of seven videos. Then she demanded to send her ‘some more’ so he transferred her ten other videos.

The video was a six-minute length, brutal execution of three men by a young ISIS jihadist. It was titled  ‘The reinforcement from Khorasan’.The video featured three 10-year-old boys executing the prisoners.

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The boys were dressed in military jackets and a headdress with an ISIS emblem on it.The three prisoners were dressed in orange jumpsuits. They were blindfolded and were kneeled down in their jumpsuits.

A man had their blindfolds removed and each of them was introduced in the video before being subsequently shot by the young boys in the back of their heads.Another video included the footage of the horrific burning of a Jordanian Pilot Muath-al-Kasasbeh in a cage back in 2015.

Muhammad shared similar videos of extremists beheading and killing people in their captivity.One of the videos accessed by him on Facebook said that they have closed migration for us and have opened jihad for themselves.

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The alleged terrorist also informed the court that he had accessed Facebook and YouTube to learn to make a homemade explosive device.He was attempting to create a powerful explosive known as ‘Triacetone Triperoxide’ also known as ‘Mother of Satan’. 

He claimed that he had two of the three components required for the device. But prosecutor claimed he had all the three components.The prosecutor claimed that he visited the popular departmental store in the UK, ASDA, to get the deadly chemicals.