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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

‘Islam-Mukt Bharat’: Centuries-old dream of RSS inspired Hindu-India

If we could view the intra-religious division within the Hindu ''Dharam'',it becomes crystal clear that they themselves are interwoven within their divided religious ideology and social fabric; let alone having a soft corner for the people of other faiths. Egged on this prejudice, the ''pundits'' of Hindu Dharam are staunch believers of this myth that their history would not end untill previous forms of governance are eliminated and replaced; but the establishment of Hindu Raj in India stretching from Bengal to Hindu-kush.

Modi-BJP-RSS’ Dream: Muslim-Free, Hindia
Logical Deduction

India under the BJP-RSS government of Modi is facing complete civil disorder. In the age of political and economic disorder, governments take measures for urban riot control and evade strategic impediments from large-scale civil protests.

But, in the case of Modi-led India, it is completely the opposite; the BJP-RSS government is hand in glove with Hindu mobs who are committing genocide of the Muslims, to pave the way for Hinduvta project in greater Hindu-India.

In the science of civil protests, there is always a consensus among the protestors against the writ or for an ‘unacceptable decision’ by the government.

But in the case of current ideological-driven anti-Muslim riots in Delhi amidst NRC crisis, most people [Hindus who adhered to the ideology of Hinduvta] are in alliance with government who also adhere to the same discriminative ideology against the minorities. It is this loophole, from where all the ‘chaos’ is spawning.

Now after understanding ‘what’, the only logical deductive question that arises is ‘why’ the chaos is building? The issue of ideological discrimination inside the social fabric of Indian society cannot be understood without contemplating the ideology of Hinduism and Indian strategic thought based on it.

Ideological Deduction

The only framework to understand current social fabric of Indian society lies in understanding and deriving observations from the study of Hinduism.

In essence, the study of Hinduism teaches us that a Hindu state inherently discriminative and divided due to its belief of classism. The caste system divides Hindus themselves into five groups; Brahmins [Ruling Elite (RE)], Kshatriyas [Public Administrators of RE], Vaishyas [Economic Administrators of RE], Shudras [Laborers of RE] and Dalits [Outcasts].

If we draw a diagram of Indian society based on the ‘Socio-caste Model’; it will look like a pyramid, which makes rest of the factions at the semi and periphery, work for an elite faction at the top of the pyramid.

Thus, a Hindu state is destined to be discriminative and cannot create social parity inside its own Hindu society. Now the question arises, what it has to with the current on-going crisis in India? The answer lies in the elite Brahmin [Ruling Elite: Hindu Priests, RSS and BJP establishment] view of the holy land of Bharat and its view of the end of history.

The Brahmin Hindus cling to the belief of a Holy-land, a land which should only be ruled by Brahmin Hindu overcoming dominion of rest of the civilization. The capital of Hindu holy land is not New Delhi but Banaras/Varanasi from where the Brahmin saffron tide should replace secular nationalism with religious nationalism.

If we pay close attention, then we discover that it is like what Israel demands when it comes to the question of [capital] Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem.

Hindus believe their history will not end until all previous forms of governance are eliminated, replacing it with Hindu raj in Hindu Rashtra which stretches from Bengal to Hindu-Kush.

What it means is, what we are observing is merely a start but certainly not an end and it will not stop until the complete annihilation of the Muslims from the Hindu land to finish the Hindutva project, even if they have to launch “Dharm-Yudh” (Holy Hindu War) against Muslims as heralded by one of the most cherished Hindu monks and current BJP’s chief minister for Uttar Pradesh – Yogi Adityanath.

Yogi is also famous for RSS-led terrorist movement: “Ghar Wapisi”, where Hindu monks preach to forcibly convert Muslim girls to enhance the Hindu population for Akhand-Bharat project.

Yogi once said; “Convert 100 Muslim girls for 1 Hindu”, in other words “100 Muslim wives for 1 Hindu”. This empirical indicator explains how religious nationalism destroys secular institutional approach and overall nation-state settings.

And why regardless of institutional boundaries, an ideology infiltrates and alters the matrix of a state. Only this explains why Hindu police are coordinating with Hindu mobs to lynch Muslims in New Delhi and why this ideology has reached to a significant level in Indian institutes; that they are altering the constitution to their own strategic advantage.

Doval’s Doctrine and Delhi’s Doldrums: Hindus Anti-Muslim Modern Warfare for Hindia

On 5th August 2019, BJP-RSS government heralded the abrogation of Article 370 and submitted strategies to split the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. The analysis on this specific article was part and parcel of Doval’s doctrine for Hinduvta project.

It later became vivid that his pro-Hindu social engineering was in place when BJP Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A took place to convert secular India into a more Hindu state.

Controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2016, in its article II, section (b) clearly states that “illegal immigrants from minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, Parsi or Christians [coming primarily from Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Pakistan] will be entitled to Indian citizenship, while excluding people from the Muslim community”.

This is empirical evidence to the author’s claim that Akhand-Bharat project is very real, and Hindu establishment under BJP-RSS rule are working on it from Bengal to Hindu-Kush where once according their claim; their gods and goddesses ruled Bharat.

The aim to provide minorities can be conceivable, but issues arise when the Muslims are ignored and intentionally cornered. They believe that this holy-land belongs solely to Hindus and everyone else is either an invader or colonist who is threatening the sovereignty of Hindia.

Thus, Hindu religious nationalism as criterion for Indian citizenship has become a chief policy of BJP-RSS’ governance in the so-called Akhand-Bharat.

Hindus wants to extinct the Muslim identity from India. In doing so, the patterns of this theme of war were also observed during the anti-Muslim riots in Delhi [regions of Chand Bagh, Maujpur, Jaffrabad, Mustafabad, Noor Allahi, Shivpuri, Kardampuri, Karawal Nagar and Dayalpur]. Firstly, it all started from stone-pelting on 23th February. It was reported from the on ground situation that all the violence against Muslims took place from Modi Mob allied with Hindu police.

In another instance, local Muslims reported that during the riots, it occurred to them that it was “a carefully planned operation and state-sponsored oppression against us”. Delhi based journalist, Kaushal Shroff confirmed this in his news story in The Caravan Magazine that; “cops shouted “Jai Shri Ram” with armed Hindu mob, charged at Muslims”. These Modi mobs soon entered and destroyed a Mosque and placed Hanuman [Hindu god] flag at top of the minaret.

On the other hand while the Hindus were committing genocide of the Muslims which resulted into deaths of 31 Muslims [plus 200 got injured], they did not hesitate to loot shops and other property assets of Muslims. Not only this, but it was also reported from Karawal Nagar by Delhi based “Millat Times”, that Modi Mobs destroyed another mosque, burnt the copies of holy Quran and forcibly entered into the houses of Muslims where they sexually harassed Muslim women.

India is obsessed with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI when it comes to the failure of their policies. One of the leading Hindi electronic media houses in India, Zee News did not hesitate to once again put the blame on ISI for Delhi riots. Their false claim that it was an ISI’s attempt to create civil rage inside the capital to affect Trump’s visit in India is completely debunked by their very own credible news outlets who reported how Muslims are being deliberately targeted by Modi Mob allied with Hindu police.

On the other hand, what Zee News should have been asking and telling the public is why Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal did not come to see the on ground situation for about 72 hours? And why “shoot at sight” order was issued after Kejriwal suggested Interior Minister Amit Shah for a military intervention? Secondly, Hindus on alt-media did not hesitate to equate the actions [Self-defense] of Muslims against the BJP-RSS conspiracy in Delhi as “terrorists who wants ISIS-stylized caliphate in India”.

This observation has been long predicted by the author in an article Pakistan and the Rise of ISIS in South-Asia: The Strategic Implications” when ISIS declared its provinces inside Pakistan and India in May, 2019. The author highlighted that ISIS being a covert project for unconventional warfare by Israel can be adopt as a new model for Hindutva project by India in South Asia against Muslims. It is important to understand India’s false equivalences.

Firstly, Muslims did not elect the ISIS. Secondly, Muslims did not do not mainstream hate for Hindus in Mosques. Thirdly, it is Hindus who elected terrorists, rioters and rapists. And lastly, Muslim states fought ISIS through national institutes which Hindus have been failing to do so against Hindu Mobs because under BJP-RSS governance they all are partner in crime.

Concluding Thoughts

Modi Mob may appear to be a threat for Indian Muslims so far, but in case of retaliation by the Muslims [that seems likely if Mosques, Muslim property and Muslim women are attacked] a full scale civil war in between Hindus and Muslims can engulf the entire region with on religio-ethnic blood borders. So many lives are at stake, it is the utmost duty of PM Modi to realize the importance of this time and to have enough empathy to listen to the plea of Muslims.

In comparison to Pakistan, if such kind of an activity could have taken place in Islamabad against Hindus by Muslims, Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies could have already arrested many Muslims by now under Anti-Terrorism Act. PM Imran Khan has already endorsed this notion when he tweeted; “I want to warn our people that anyone in Pakistan targeting our non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly. Our minorities are equal citizens of this country.”

It all comes down to the vision of PM Modi for India, his one “Brahmin-led step” against the sovereignty of the rest of non-Brahmins and non-Hindu people can lead into a chaotic point in contemporary Indian history from where return to normalcy would become impossible.

Sabtain Ahmed Dar is pursuing his M Phil in International Relations from Department of Political Science, Punjab University. His area of study is Israeli geopolitics and he has written a thesis titled ‘The Clash of Islam and Zionism: The final clash before the End of History’. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.