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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Islamabad Airport installs Digital Token System

Islamabad International Airport has installed a digital token system to manage the flow of passengers from C-category countries.

Civil Aviation Authorities have stated that a digital token system has been installed at Islamabad International Airport for the safe and rapid testing of passengers belonging to C-Category countries.

Abdul Sattar Khokhar, a spokesman for Aviation Divison, has confirmed, “A digital token system has been installed at Islamabad Airport for conducting Rapid Test for Cat-C countries inbound passengers.”

Testing made mandatory 

CAA had implemented a travel ban on passengers traveling from the UK and has recently updated the Category C list to include South Africa, England, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, and Holland. According to the new SOPs in place, passengers traveling from these countries will have to show their Covid-19 test report upon arrival. In addition to this, they will also have to get another Covid-19 test in Pakistan as a precautionary measure.

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On the other hand, passengers traveling from Category A and Category B countries are not required to take the mandatory pre-boarding Covid-19 test; however, passengers from Category B should ensure that they have taken the test 90 days prior to boarding.

Since the Islamabad International Airport caters to approximately 1000 passengers traveling from C-Category countries, the manual system was proving to be a hindrance. The digital token system installed at Islamabad International Airport is considered an efficient and time-saving method of keeping track of passengers traveling from C-Category countries.

The rest of the current SOPs will remain in force by the authorities and their implementation will be ensured. The new travel restrictions are expected to be enforced until February 28, 2021.