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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Islamabad Police refute allegations of torturing Sheikh Rashid’s staff members

The Islamabad Police rejected the allegations, saying the raid was conducted after obtaining the warrant. Meanwhile, only one employee got injured after falling. 

The Islamabad Police have rejected the allegations made by PTI ally Sheikh Rashid regarding the torture of his employees, clarifying that the raid was conducted after obtaining the warrant for it.

According to the details, Awami Muslim League president Sheikh Rashid had earlier shared an alleged video of the raid. He claimed that the Rangers Islamabad Police and 80-90 people dressed in civilian clothes broke the door and entered his house in F-7-4 Islamabad.

Rashid further said that he was not present during the raid but the officials beat his servant and broke his arm. He added that the police took away his licensed weapons, CCTV footage of his house, and both of his cars.

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However, the Islamabad Police rejected the allegations by Sheikh Rashid, saying the raid was conducted after obtaining the warrant. Meanwhile, only one employee got injured after falling.

“The Islamabad Police conducted the raid after obtaining the warrant under case number 376/23 from Kohsar police station. The police did not torture any employee. According to a medical report, one employee got injured after falling,” Islamabad Police said.

“The police seized two cars, from which one SMG (submachine gun) was obtained. Investigation regarding the weapon being licensed or unlicensed is underway,” it further added.

Sheikh Rashid is among the three senior members of former premier Imran Khan’s cabinet who have been summoned by NAB for their alleged involvement in the illegal settlement of 190 million pounds recovered from the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, Sheikh Rashid distanced himself on Tuesday from the Al-Qadir Trust probe being pursued by the NAB against former prime minister Imran Khan and others.

In a written reply to NAB, which Rashid shared online as well, he claimed that he had been absent from the cabinet meeting where the matter of the trust was taken up and had “no information and evidence” with regards to the issue.

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