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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Islamabad suicide blast raises alarm over resurging terrorism in Pakistan

As soon as the car was stopped, the suicide bomber detonated himself. The notion that Islamabad is now being attacked by terrorists has raised new levels of alarm among citizens. 

At least one cop was martyred while three policemen were injured on Friday in a suicide blast in the I-10 area of Islamabad. The suicide blast in Islamabad has raised alarm over resurging terrorism in Pakistan.

According to the details by the Islamabad Police, security was already on high alert in the capital. During snap-checking, security officials stopped a suspicious car. The moment the car was stopped, the suicide bomber detonated himself, resulting in the martyrdom of one police officer while injuring others.

Addressing the media at the blast site, DIG Chattha said that woman and a man were in the car when the explosion occurred.

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The law enforcement agency cordoned of the area after the explosion. The injured cops have been moved to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. The martyred cop was identified as Head Constable Adeel Hussain.


A day ago, Islamabad police issued a statement, saying its Eagle Squad had checked 2,024 suspicious persons, motorcycles, and vehicles as part of a security measure, especially in the aftermath of a new wave of terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

While the new wave of terrorism in KPK and Balochistan had already raised concern, the notion that the capital of the country is now being attacked by terrorists has raised new levels of alarm among citizens.


The citizens are also paying tribute to the security forces for stopping the car on time which was apparently intended for a much bigger attack.

Soon after the blast, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif summoned a report of the suicide blast and also condemned the terror incident.

The PM also paid tribute to the martyred policemen, adding that the nation pays tribute to its martyrs. He added that the whole nation will fight against terrorism.

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Security across the Rawalpindi district has been put on high alert and strict monitoring of all entry and exit points of the twin cities has been implemented. Authorities have issued instructions to provide strict security for Friday prayers.