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Friday, April 12, 2024

Islamabad to have Eagle Squad for improved security, announces Interior Minister

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has announced that ‘Eagle Squad’ will be introduced soon for the federal capital Islamabad’ security and the force will be equipped with the latest technology.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has announced that ‘Eagle Squad’ will be introduced soon for the federal capital Islamabad’ security and the force will be equipped with the latest technology.

Sheikh Rasheed visited the office of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office in Rawalpindi today.

While talking to media, the interior minister said that the check-posts will also be modernised by the government, whereas, ‘Eagle Squad’ will be introduced soon for Islamabad’s security. He added that he has summoned a session of all inspector generals (IGs) of police forces on Monday.

“50 NADRA centres are being made functional for 24 hours, whereas, 300 mobile vans will visit far-flung areas to issue national identity cards to the citizens.”

He revealed that around 200,000 applications were received for online visas. He was of the view that the digitisation process will eliminate corruption in the country.

Rasheed detailed that 100,000 identity cards will be issued on a daily basis and first NIC will be issued free of cost. The government possesses data of 1.5 million refugees and 800,000 Afghan citizens, he added.

He announced that strict action will be taken against those delivering derogatory remarks against state institutions and such complaints will be registered within 72 hours.

While commenting over the political developments in the country, Rasheed said that the passport of former premier Nawaz Sharif is expiring on February 16 and it will not be renewed. He said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) parties took decision to take part in Senate polls and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has now kneeled down.

He said that the opposition leaders should stop dreaming about seizing the federal capital Islamabad.

“Their [opposition lawmakers] resignations are in lockers now. I have heard the statement of a [Member of National Assembly] MNA from Chiniot. They will neither boycott by-elections nor Senate polls, however, they can organise a long march. Those who are not willing to tender resignations must come forward till February 20.”

The interior minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan could leave the rulership but he will never surrender before corruption.

According to a report in The News, in September, even the US Embassy had to issue an alert for its residents in the capital in the wake of increased street crimes. So far, the situation has not improved.

If news reports are anything to go by, the situation has turned even worse in the city. Some reports suggest that the police do not register all cases. It is the responsibility of the Islamabad Police to make the city crime-free and take effective measures in order to protect the lives and property of citizens, it added.

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However, the international organization, Numbeo issued the list following a survey in 374 cities with 799,900 participants. The survey addressed property crime, violent crimes, hate speech, drug dealing, and physical attacks.

With an ascension of 69 spots in the latest list of World Crime Index, Islamabad has become one of the safest cities in the world. It stood at 232nd in the annual list last year but steadily progressed to the 301st spot in the current list, indicating a significant drop in the crime rate.

The reports stipulate that the crime rate decreased from 32.88% to 28.63% in one year. Interestingly, Islamabad is now safest than Sydney, Berlin, London, Moscow, Paris, and Shanghai.