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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Israel deliberately provoking violence to counter Hamas?

According to Andrew Korybko, the Palestinians are being manipulated and provoked into defending their interests through violence in order to serve as the pretext for a politically convenient “Israeli” campaign against Hamas that could potentially bolster Netanyahu's image.

What the three Abrahamic religions regard as the Holy Land is once again beset by the violence provoked by “Israel’s” indefensible actions. The self-proclaimed Jewish State sought to evict Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which has been illegally occupied by “Israel” since 1967, in order to create new colonial settlements there.

“Israel” also prohibited the Palestinians from gathering near the Damascus Gate where they often socialize during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Furthermore, “Israel” restricted the number of worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the holiest sites in Islam.

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These decisions prompted the Palestinians to protest, which some of them also did from within the Al-Aqsa Mosque by throwing bottles and stones at the “Israeli” security services, which in turn resulted in the latter attacking that place of worship with rubber bullets and stun grenades.

The hybrid political-military movement Hamas subsequently issued an ultimatum to “Israel” to withdraw its security forces from Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood as well as release all of the Palestinians who were recently detained.

This warning wasn’t heeded, hence why Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into “Israel”, triggering retaliatory airstrikes.

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Provocations by Israel

The “Israeli” provoked violence is deplorable enough as it is since it was started by the Jewish State’s aggressive colonial ambitions against the occupied Palestinian people in complete contradiction of international law but was made even worse by the fact that it’s occurring right before the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr that commemorates the end of Ramadan.

Muslims across the world are therefore extra incensed by what’s happening to their fellow believers in the Holy Land right now, which is why so many of their leaders such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have spoken out really loudly condemning the “Israeli” attacks.

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“Israel” presents all of its actions as being within its sovereign rights and claims that the international community is biased against it, sometimes even outright accusing them of anti-Semitism, but such accusations are unsubstantiated.

Its post-1967 occupation of former Palestinian-inhabited Jordanian territory is illegal under international law, as is its ever-expanding network of colonial settlements there.

“Israel” provoked the Palestinians into resisting the way that they did because their victims felt that they had no other way to attract global attention to their legitimate cause. Alas, “Israel” continues to violate international law with impunity.

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Suspicions aplenty

Some observers have remarked that it’s extremely suspicious that the violence broke out when it did during the end of Ramadan.

A few speculate that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intentionally fanned the flames of violence in order to manufacture the violent scenario that’s since transpired so as to appear as the only political figure capable of defending “Israel” from what his government describes as so-called “terrorist attacks” by the Palestinians.

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This is taking place against the backdrop of his recent failure to form a government despite winning the fourth round of elections in two years. Another party is now tasked with trying to form a coalition.

This theory seems plausible enough since anyone could have predicted that the Palestinians would react the way that they did in the face of such provocations, not to mention the fact that they’re taking place during Ramadan and right before Eid al-Fitr.

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“Israeli” campaign against Hamas

It certainly seems to be the case that the Palestinians were being manipulated and provoked by “Israel” into defending their interests through violence in order to serve as the pretext for a politically convenient “Israeli” campaign against Hamas that could potentially bolster Netanyahu’s image.

The resultant insight adds further credence to the argument that “Israel’s” aggressive actions are indefensible.

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Colonialism should have ended during the last century yet it regrettably continues to this day in the Holy Land. Even worse, “Israel’s” crimes are deliberately being intensified during the most important Muslim holiday in order to provoke believers into desperately reacting the only way that some of them know how, which is with violence.

Their response served to “justify” Netanyahu’s likely preplanned campaign against Hamas during this politically convenient moment after his coalition-building attempts just failed.

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The entire world must condemn “Israel”, impose meaningful costs for its violation of international law, and stand in solidarity with Palestine.

Andrew Korybko is a political analyst, radio host, and regular contributor to several online outlets. He specializes in Russian affairs and geopolitics, specifically the US strategy in Eurasia. The article has been republished with the author’s permission. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.