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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Israel police popular actress Maisa Abdel Hadi arrested for supporting Hamas

Israel police have taken renowned Arab Israeli actor Maisa Abdel Hadi into custody over a social media post in which she expressed support for the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas. This comes in the wake of their surprise attack on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip on October 7.

Though the police did not initially name her, their official statement mentioned the arrest of an “actress and network influencer” residing in the city of Nazareth. The charges against her are rooted in allegations of praising terrorism and engaging in hate speech.

The specific content that led to her arrest includes posts that featured an 85-year-old hostage, Yaffa Adar, accompanied by laughing emojis. Additionally, Maisa Abdel Hadi shared images depicting Hamas forces breaching Israel’s security barrier. Her arrest is part of a broader crackdown on individuals using social media to highlight the dire situation.

In response to her social media activity, one of her co-stars, Ofer Shechter, publicly criticized her, saying, “I’m ashamed of you. You should be ashamed of yourself. You live in Nazareth, act, and star in our TV shows and films, and then stab us in the back.”

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Maisa Abdel Hadi is just one of several individuals who have been detained due to their online posts shedding light on the devastating consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Notably, Arab Israeli singer Dalal Abu Amneh also faced temporary detention earlier in the week over her social media content.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with Israeli airstrikes causing significant casualties. In the last 24 hours, at least 700 people lost their lives, marking a grim record since the beginning of the conflict. United Nations agencies have issued an urgent plea for unrestricted emergency aid to enter Gaza, citing the inadequacy of current aid delivery levels in supporting the Palestinian population affected by the relentless Israeli bombardment.

The ongoing violence has strained Gaza’s healthcare system to the breaking point. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of patients exhibiting symptoms of illnesses related to overcrowding and unsanitary conditions in shelters. Over 1.4 million individuals have sought refuge in temporary shelters, contributing to the crisis. Concerns are mounting among humanitarian organizations about an imminent public health emergency.