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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Israel’s Foreign Ministry bursts out with anger at Pakistan

Israel's DG of Foreign Ministry calls out Pakistan on Twitter, saying it needs to stop targetting Israel for the events in Gaza.

Israel’s Director-General of Foreign Ministry Alon Ushpiz calls out Pakistan on Twitter, saying it needs to stop targetting Israel for the events in Gaza and instead focus on its issues.

Pakistan’s ‘Foreign Minister’s Public Diplomacy’ Twitter handle posted about a special #UNHRC session on “the grave human rights situation in Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem,” which Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed on May 27th.

However, Alon Ushpiz, who has also served as Israel’s ambassador to India, had some harsh words in response. He tweeted ‘Human rights “champion” Pakistan, practically living in a palace of glass, is currently preaching to the only democracy in the Middle East as part of the @UN_HRC special session. Hypocrisy at its best.’

Pakistan came into the global spotlight after taking a leading role in the Palestine-Israel conflict that rose to prominence ever since the events of Sheikh Jarrah. FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi visited many countries to seek a resolution, so the atrocities committed could be stopped. The efforts resulted in a ceasefire between the two states.

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However, the moment that got the most spotlight was his interview for CNN with host Bianna Golodryga. In his opening statement, he said that the public pressure was changing the tide and the ceasefire would be ‘inevitable’ in this case, added, ‘despite Israel’s connections.

In response, the host criticized the Foreign Minister for anti-Semitism. Whether it was his intention or not, it made it clear to the World what Pakistan’s stance on the issue was. While some criticized and some praised him, it was undoubtedly a bold step.

Even though many countries condemned Israel, the fact that Alon Ushpiz’s tweet was only directed towards Pakistan means that Pakistan’s foreign policy and diplomacy are causing Israel issues, which is sure proof of our diplomatic success.