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Thursday, November 30, 2023

It won’t easy to defeat Imran Khan even in 2023, claims Kamran Khan

The prominent journalist also claimed that the PPP chairman has declined PML-N’s proposal to quit from assemblies. Read this detailed News Analysis to know what he has to say.

Prominent journalist Kamran Khan has claimed in his latest Vlog that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is destined to fail. “All political parties have different interests and they are likely to disagree over every single point,” he maintained.

Khan claimed that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has clearly conveyed it to Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and Maryam Nawaz that there can be no compromise on the Sindh government. “PPP will not quit the Sindh assembly where they enjoy absolute majority,” Khan said.

He also urged the Opposition parties to wait for the General Elections 2023 to come into power. “But I am telling you it won’t be easy to defeat Imran Khan even in 2023,” he opined.

Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed also dismissed on Thursday the Opposition’s threat to resign from the assembly, saying it wouldn’t have any impact on the lower house of Parliament.

“The resignation will not harm the assembly,” Rasheed said while talking to the media in Lahore. He was also unfazed by the PDM’s long march to Islamabad and told them they are welcome to the federal capital and the winters will be waiting for them.

“[Prime Minister] Imran Khan has made an offer – come to the assembly and hold a dialogue,” said the railways minister, adding that if the Opposition should clarify who they want to speak to if not Imran Khan.

Aitzaz Ahsan, a senior leader of PPP and a prominent lawyer, has said that Maryam’s plan doesn’t appear to be succeeding. He was speaking to SAMAA TV on Tuesday. The PPP leader advised the Pakistan Democratic Movement to postpone its rally in Lahore on December 13. “Governments are not toppled through rallies and processions,” he said. “The third force topples them.”

Aitzaz opposed the opposition’s move to resign en masse too. “How can the PML-N alone decide this,” he questioned. Opposition parties should be aware that Nawaz Sharif’s narrative does not serve PDM’s interests, the PPP leader said.

The Nawaz-league has now confronted the third force too, he said, adding that the party which favours collective resignations should submit them. In my opinion, he said, the PPP should not go to this extent.

Responding to a question about Ahsan’s point of view with regard to en masse resignations from assemblies, the PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, said that the party would soon convene its Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting and the PDM’s decision would be put before it and everyone would be allowed to express their views including Aitzaz Ahsan.

“What decision the CEC takes would be the decision of the party and also of Aitzaz Ahsan,” he added.

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Aitzaz had also stated that opposition’s resignations were not enough to dissolve the national and provincial assemblies, as the ruling PTI needed only 172 members in the National Assembly, adding only 84 members – required to maintain the quorum of the 342-member Lower House of the Parliament – was enough to run the house.

Political commentators are of the view that the PPP is unlikely to block Islamabad as the PML-N and JUI-F have reportedly planned. “PPP will soon find a graceful exit but may continue to offer its moral support to the anti-government campaign. The party is divided on some basic questions and Bilawal won’t be in a position to take any bold decision. Let’s not forget the fact the PPP did the same when Maulana came to dislodge PTI’s government in 2019,” a source told GVS.

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The PTI leaders have already been claiming that the PPP will not support the PML-N’s do or die scenario in the long run. “PPP will never go for the resignations. I can give you my words,” Federal Minister for Water and Power, Faisal Vawda, told Kashif Abbasi on ARY News.