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Friday, May 24, 2024

Its right time to scale back, says US

The remarks highlight the growing disparities between the closely allied nations on the 100th day of the ongoing conflict.

The White House stated on Sunday that it deems this to be an appropriate moment for Israel to reduce its military operations in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Israeli leaders have reiterated their commitment to continuing the operation against the ruling Hamas militant group in the territory. The remarks highlight the growing disparities between the closely allied nations on the 100th day of the ongoing conflict.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” mentioned that the U.S. has been engaging with Israel regarding a shift to lower-intensity operations in Gaza. He stated, “We believe it’s the right time for that transition. And we’re talking to them about doing that.”

On the same day, Israeli warplanes targeted locations in Lebanon in response to a Hezbollah missile attack that resulted in the death of two Israeli civilians in northern Israel. This exchange of fire raised concerns about the potential for broader conflict in the region due to the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Conflict widening across the region 

The conflict has heightened tensions across the region, with Israel engaging in frequent exchanges of fire with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, Iranian-backed militias targeting U.S. interests in Syria and Iraq, and Yemen’s Houthi rebels attacking international shipping, prompting a series of U.S. airstrikes.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, affirmed that his group will persist until a cease-fire is established in Gaza. Demonstrations marking the 100th day of the war took place in Europe and the Middle East, with opposing calls for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas and appeals for a cease-fire in Gaza.

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In Tel Aviv, supporters of the hostages and their families concluded a 24-hour protest, urging the government to secure their immediate release. In a late Sunday development, Hamas released a brief video featuring three Israeli hostages, seemingly speaking under duress, pleading with their government to end the war and bring them home. The timing of the video remains unclear, and Hamas stated that an update on their fate would be provided on Monday. Hamas has released similar videos in an apparent attempt to pressure Israel into agreeing to its demand for ending the war before negotiations on the potential release of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.