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Saturday, April 13, 2024

It’s Time for Change Now!


by Hibba Raza

Change needs to happen
It needs to happen soon
There’s trouble in the world
And it’s all down to you
Climate change is happening
And now the world is saddening
The world is changing bit by bit
And it’s all down to our misfits
Now the world needs to become a team
To stop each other’s wicked schemes
And help our world be full of happiness once again
Little by little we can reduce the world’s pain
These brand new weather patterns are making our world sad
And if we work together we can make ourselves glad
Nothing too wild, try to reach up to sky
When we all come together nothing’s is too high
It’s time for change now
Or the world will start to fall
We all need to work together
Or you can say goodbye to the world forever!

GVS does not publish poems, but given the tender age and passion of this young poet who demands change from the prevailing mood of sadness, we are making an exception.