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Monday, July 15, 2024

Jada and Will Smith Separated Since 2016

Jada Pinkett Smith's revelation about her and Will Smith's seven-year separation has left the public stunned.

Jada Pinkett Smith has shocked her fans with a significant revelation about her long-standing marriage to actor Will Smith. The actress, aged 52, disclosed in a recent interview that she and Will, aged 55, have been leading “completely separate lives” since 2016, despite never officially divorcing.

This revelation came to light during a preview of her interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb. The interview was focused on Jada’s upcoming book, “Worthy,” scheduled for release on October 17. Among the book’s many surprises, one of the most startling is the revelation that the couple decided to live apart beginning in 2016.

A Hidden Separation for Seven Years

Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed during the interview that their separation began seven years ago. It is a remarkable revelation considering they managed to keep this significant decision hidden from the public eye. Hoda Kotb, clearly taken aback by this admission, asked Jada why they chose to maintain such a unique arrangement.

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Jada responded, “I think just not being ready yet. Still trying to figure out between the two of us how to be in a partnership and in regards to how do we present that to people, you know? And we hadn’t figured that out.” This suggests that the couple faced personal struggles and relationship challenges that led to this unconventional decision.

The Promise That Transcends Separation

Despite the separation, Jada revealed that she made a promise to herself and Will never to allow their marriage to end in divorce. “I made a promise that there will never be a reason for us to get a divorce. We will work through whatever. And I just haven’t been able to break that promise,” she stated.

This surprising revelation indicates that their unique marital arrangement is, in their view, a means of preserving their commitment to each other, despite living separately.

The Public Perception and Past Controversies

The revelation of this long-standing separation sheds new light on past controversies surrounding their marriage. Notably, in 2020, singer August Alsina claimed that he had an affair with Jada, a claim initially denied by the couple’s representative. Jada later referred to the relationship as an “entanglement” and admitted that she and Will had been privately separated during the affair.

Will Smith, in a November 2022 interview, hinted at an open marriage, which was a stark contrast to the public’s perception of Jada as the sole participant in an extramarital affair. This revelation brings forth a more complete understanding of their relationship dynamics.