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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Japanese fans praised for staying behind to clean Qatar stadium after match

In what is becoming an increasingly common sight, Japanese fans stayed behind after their team’s win over Germany and helped to clean up the Khalifa International Stadium.

Japanese fans have once again been impressed with their respectful behavior, this time at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Japan supporters have been spotted cleaning up stadiums after games, even ones where their team isn’t playing.

“At the opening game of the tournament between Qatar and Ecuador Japanese fans decided to clean the stadium,” a reporter for TSN said in a TikTok video showing them in action.

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When asked why they do it, one fan responded: “Japanese never leave rubbish behind, we respect the place.”

The reporter was left in shock, “I thought it would be one or two people but they are all doing it around the stadium.

“I had heard of this but never thought it was real.”

Japanese fans at the Khalifa International Stadium got to work instead of creating a big mess celebrating their historic victory.

Japan is now in a good position to qualify from their group, with Germany likely needing a big result against Spain to stay in the hunt.

Germany’s shock defeat by Japan is the second major upset of the tournament and drove up a slew of Japanese stocks, from video game makers to sporting goods firms.

Saudi Arabia’s win over a stunned Argentina late in their match on Tuesday earned the entire nation a national holiday.

As the European giants of soccer left the pitch following their 2-1 defeat, fans of the victorious Japanese team were already tidying up after themselves, shoving trash into bags and making sure they left the stadium as clean as the moment they arrived.

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And it wasn’t just the fans. FIFA posted a picture to Twitter showing the Japanese changing room at the Khalifa International Stadium. Towels were neatly folded and placed in piles next to stacked bottles of water and 11 origami cranes were accompanied by a note in Japanese that simply read “thank you.”