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Monday, November 27, 2023

Jemima Goldsmith laughs off news of giving birth to baby girl

Jemima Goldsmith, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, laughed off fake news of giving birth to a baby girl on Twitter

Jemima Goldsmith, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, laughed off fake news of giving birth to a baby girl in the latest Twitter post on Friday.

Goldsmith shared the link to the article on fake news circulating on social media. The article said that a clickbait headline on several Pakistani social media channels claimed of Goldsmith giving birth to a baby girl in November.

Those articles were shared multiple times on Facebook. However, it was revealed that the post was linked to the Instagram post of Goldsmith in which she had announced the birth of her niece in April 2020.


The news first appeared on Facebook on November 6th, 2020. The post read: “Announcement of daughter’s birth —— Jemima Goldsmith announced the good news astonishing for the entire world.”

The picture features British journalist and filmmaker, Goldsmith with her brother. The misleading headlines insinuated as if Goldsmith has given birth to a baby girl.

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The original post from the Instagram post of Goldsmith read: “Welcome home, Vita Iris Goldsmith- my perfect little niece who left the hospital today after a terrifying two weeks in the ICU & thanks to the brilliant doctors and nurses, a miraculous recovery. I love you so much already even tho’ we haven’t yet met❤️ So many congratulations to @bengoldsmith & @jemimagjones.”

She also had posted the image of her brother holding the baby girl in his hands. Goldsmith shared the link to the article with a witty comment. She wrote: “Good to know.” Perhaps taking a dig at herself she further commented: “I keep forgetting your name is Imran Khan’s ex-wife,” in another tweet.

Goldsmith connection with Pakistan

Goldsmith seems to have not forgotten her connection and experiences during her 10-year stay in Pakistan or perhaps she is being reminded often about her deep connection to Pakistan through media.

A few days back she had commented on the racism faced by Pakistani-Muslims in Britain. She shared an article on the racism being faced by Pakistani and Muslim cricketers in Britain.

Goldsmith said: “Let’s support those who have the courage to speak out about racism, like@AzeemRafiq30.”

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“It was only after I lived in Pakistan & came back to the UK after 10 yrs, with my half Pakistani, Brit-ish, Muslim kids, that I noticed how casually & often the P-word is used (“as a joke”), even, perplexingly, by people who themselves have likely faced prejudice,” Goldsmith said further.

Goldsmith racked up massive appreciation from her Pakistani followers for raising voice against racism in the UK.


Back in April, she checked on her Pakistani Twitter family amid coronavirus lockdown across the world. She sent love and salam to the people of Pakistan amid these troublesome times of pandemic coronavirus. She acknowledged that conditions are much harder for people in Pakistan than for people in the United Kingdom.

Her Pakistani Twitter family reciprocated her loving message with warm wishes and appreciation.

Goldsmith is still popular in Pakistan despite the dissolution of her marriage with Imran Khan.