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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Jemima Khan shares picture of Imran Khan from London motorway

Jemima Khan shared pictures of her former husband Imran Khan from London Motorway on Twitter today. She took the picture of the truck on the London motorway with a poster of Imran Khan on it.

Khan posted pictures of the truck with Imran Khan’s posters on it. The truck had a picture of Imran Khan with the background of the poster painted in red and green color, symbolic of the flag of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf.

She posted the images with the laughing emoji and a Pakistani flag. Commenting on the post, Ihtisham Khan, a London-based journalist, said that he also spotted a similar truck on another motorway a week ago. He commented that it will be a proud moment for his sons Kasim and Suleiman who live in London with their mother Jemima Goldsmith.

Soon her comment section flooded with images and videos of Imran Khan’s posters on roads in Canada and UAE. Apparently, his supporters have put his posters on the back of their cars to show their support for him.

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Earlier, in the tweet Jemima Goldsmith recalled spending Ramzan in Pakistan. In a tweet, she reminisced about her time in Pakistan and what it was like celebrating the Holy month in Pakistan.

In a tweet, she said, Ramzan in Pakistan was her favorite time. “Ramadan in Pakistan was my favorite time. A month not just of fasting but also of good intentions & trying to be a better person- no gossiping, swearing, boasting, or lying. A time for contemplation, charity, kindness, forgiveness, family & jalebis,” said Jemima in her tweet.

Jemima always expresses love for Pakistan. Jemima Goldsmith, the former wife of Imran Khan, sings in Urdu in her latest BBC interview. Jemima was interviewed by Emb Hashmi regarding her fundraising for flood victims in Pakistan.

During the interview, the interviewer asked her to speak, rather than sing, in Urdu. Jemima then sang the song, “Ao Bacho Sair Karain tum Ko Pakistan Ki.”