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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Joker’s Iconic Staircase Dance Move May or May Not Be Original

Mathew Perry is convinced Joker copied moves from FRIENDS. The actor was tagged in an online trend where people posted similar dance moves by Joaquin Phoenix's Joker and Mathew Perry's Chandler Bing and twitter lit up.

American-Canadian actor and comedian Mathew Perry stirred a debate on social media after he shared an image that showed main lead ‘Joker’s iconic move similar to Chandler Bing’s popular dance move from 90’s sitcom ‘Friends‘.

Perry believes that Joaquin Phoenix’s viral staircase dance move stems out from the old sitcom. His tweet divided the social media; some agreed while others disagreed. The image showing the two characters performing the same dance move had ‘cinematic parallels’ written on it.

He added that he does not know who made the image but thanked whoever made it. The social media users started the trend of cinematic parallels and posted their personalized memes on Twitter.

As various memes started emerging on social media, Joker and FRIENDS fans realized that many of the moves in Joker’s movie matched with Chandler Bing’s moves. Nevertheless, the film ‘Joker’ has given ample fodder for memes for social media users.

The movie has recently crossed the mark of $1billion, becoming the first R-rated movie to earn such hefty profit on box-office. In the US an adult must accompany anyone below 17 to watch an R-rated movie in the cinema.

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Last week, the movie stood on number 7th at the US box-office chart. Earlier, this month it set another record of becoming the most profitable comic book movie ever. The movie has crossed $1bn mark despite not being released in China. And also the objections raised on it for the portrayal of extreme violence, and projection of precarious mental illness.

The other comic book movies closest to ‘Joker’ in terms of profitability are Deadpool 2 that earned $785 million, and Deadpool, released in 2016, earning up to $783 million. Various film critics have called it a ‘jaw-dropping’ achievement of ‘Joker’.

As per the details, Joker was made with a budget of $62.5 million, which is not even half of the budget of other comic book movies.