Journalist explains why Kissan Card initiative of PTI government is revolutionary

Journalist Ali Khizar takes to Twitter to explain in detail why Kissan Card is an important scheme for Pakistan. Through this initiative, both farmers and Pakistan's economy will benefit.

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Journalists Ali Khizar in his long Twitter thread has appreciated the initiative of the Kissan Card introduced by the current government of PTI as a relief for the farmers.

Kissan Card is an initiative of the Punjab government under PM Imran Khan’s agriculture transformation vision of providing targeted, smart subsidies for agricultural inputs to 5 million farmers especially with small landholding (up to 5 acres of land).

Last October, the federal government had announced a special Rabi package for targeted subsidy on DAP. However, this could not be passed on to farmers as provincial governments could not finalize the implementation mechanism.

He explained the significance of the initiative for the benefit of the farmers and the economy of Pakistan. “#Kissan_Card in Punjab is the right step towards direct subsidy to small farmers. The use of technology will reduce red-tapism and corruption in the process. It is an initiative of Punjab Government under PM’s@ImranKhanPTI Khan vision for targeted and smart subsidies,” said Khizar in a tweet.

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Two days back, the government launched the Kissan Card in Multan which is expected to benefit the small farmers and transform the agricultural sector that still makes a large part of Pakistan’s economy.

Ali Khizar further added that “the subsidies are for agriculture input to 5 million small farmers – especially those for landholders under 5 acres of land. The yields of these farms are low due to inadequate or improper mix of fertilizers, use of adulterated substandard pesticides n poor quality seeds.”

He explained that the use of “DAP is less while farmers rely heavily on urea – Rs1,000/bag DAP subsidy and surety of getting it to deserving farmers using the digital tool will enhance productivity. In past subsidies were routed through fertilizer companies – now full amount to get to farmers.”

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Kissan Card will provide direct subsidies to farmers through a digital system hence reducing inefficiencies and corruption in the distribution of Agri inputs. Also, the project is expected to improve the bankability and financial inclusion of millions of farmers. It will also provide crop insurance protection against losses.

While the efficacy of the insurance card, Ali Khizar said that, “the climate change is adversely affecting small farmers – Kissan Card insurance will be available against losses and it can be transparent using historic weather patterns. The overall subsidy mechanism will be transparent and blockchain technology can maximize efficacy.”

He encouraged other provincial governments to provide similar relief to the farmers and help them benefit through the scheme. He also slammed PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari who is criticizing the Kissan Card initiative.






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