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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Journey of Yashma Gill: From Atheism Towards Allah

It is quite rare in Pakistan for people to publicly admit they were atheists. Courageous Yashma Gill not only confessed to earlier not believing in God but also recalled her beautiful journey back to Allah.

Pakistani model and actress Yashma Gill in her latest interview with Samina Pirzada shared her life experience of converting to Islam from atheism.

In her interview with a web show ‘Rewind with Samina Pirzada’, she started with her battle of life, and Allah, believing that there is no God. Her tough life-long journey brought her back to Allah and now she is a practicing Muslim.


“When you are young and depressed, you overly monitor everything. I started feeling like I have lost faith in God. I believed if there was some God my problems could have been solved, ” Yashma shared.

The actress added that she was anti-religion and that she argued with everyone on religion and the existence of God.

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“When I was in Australia, I was famous in my university due to the reason I always argued with everyone on religion. Whenever somebody tried to tell me anything about the religion I started asking many questions,” she continued.

She then revealed how a female friend she met at the university helped her turn around her outlook on religion and Allah. She motivated her to become a practicing Muslim.


“I met a friend ‘Warda’ and she was a hijabi. As soon as I saw her I thought I am never going to be her friend but she turned out to be so nice. She asked me to do one thing in Ramadan which was to pray five times a day and fast for the whole month. Just to prove her wrong I did all that. I used to listen to Dr. Zakir Naik as well. Slowly, the month passed and I did not feel anything has changed,” Yashma revealed.


She revealed that, however, she failed to feel any change, all her problems solved during this time. Yashma shared she got a job during Ramadan, her family issues resolved, and she got her mental peace back. The model said she went into that same depression, anxiety, and distress as soon as she shunned prayers after Islam, which made her realize that all the good things that were happening with her were because of her connection with Almighty Allah.

Yashma Gill is an established model and a budding actress, who has been working in the industry for a few years. She has made a few appearances in several drama serials as well.