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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

JS to enable COVID-19 research for pregnant women at ICCBS

To fight the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, JS Bank is making several contributions to play their part. Recently, JS Bank donated Rs 1.5 million to ICCBS through its philanthropic entity called 'Future Trust'. This fund will be dedicated to conducting research on viral transfer in Pregnant Women.

Future Trust has issued a grant of Rs. 1.5 Million to International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) for a study on virus transfer in Pregnant Women. The endeavour was facilitated through a donation by JS Bank and will allow JS to enable COVID-19 research for pregnant women.

Most importantly, the fund will help build domestic capacity for mitigating the long-term health impact of the virus through medical research. The donation is part of Future Trust’s drive to explore long-term solutions against COVID-19 through medical and technological Research and Development.

Talking about the matter, President and CEO JS Bank, Basir Shamsie said, “We need to look at a long-term solution for Pakistan and indeed the world. Working with ICCBS is an opportunity to identify and engage in a pathway will help identify how the virus is impacting people in Pakistan and especially when it comes to women and unborn children.”

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Famous Pakistani scientist, Dr Iqbal Choudhary, was also present at the occasion. “Future Trust is among the few organizations in Pakistan to understand the importance of medical research for a long-term cure. We look forward to a long-term working relationship with Future Trust which will pay great dividends to Pakistan with the passage of time”, he said while praising JS’ initiative.

Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, Patron-in-Chief of ICCBS, also commented on the partnership. He said, “It is heartening to see corporates such as JS Bank taking an interest in exploring scientific options for long-term cures to the Coronavirus.”

About Future Trust

Future Trust is a non-profit benevolent philanthropic organization. It was set up by JS Group with a specific agenda: promotion, advancement and encouragement of technology and innovation against poverty and general improvement of socio-economic conditions and living standards of the people of Pakistan.

JS Bank’s efforts to curb the COVID-19 crisis

Recently, JS and its partners made equal contributions to collect Rs 110 million for the COVID-19 relief fund. It carries the purpose of addressing the immediate and long-term challenges of the contagion.

By purpose, this joint fund will focus on three aspects. Firstly, it will provide immediate relief through provision of rations worth Rs 30 million to food-insecure families. Secondly, it aims to fasten the current pandemic control; this will be done through the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and monetary donations worth Rs 50 million. Medical facilities and other frontline institutions, including NGOs, can benefit from this tier of the fund. The third aspect covers mitigating the long-term health impact of the virus. Hence, this phase focuses on finding a long-term solution for containing COVID-19.

The grant awarded to International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) falls under the third tier of this fund. This will allow JS to enable COVID-19 research and dedicated studies to help identify the nature of the spread of this contagion in pregnant women.

Similarly, JS Bank and its partners also offered Rs. 10 Million to the Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan. They also donated Rs. 7.35 Million to Indus Hospital for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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JS Bank and its partners have committed to being a catalyst in the progress and prosperity of our nation. Staying true to this commitment, JS hopes to increase their impact in supporting Pakistan’s cause during these trying times.