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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Justice Qazi Isa wants explanation; slams Govt. for ‘character assassination’

Justice Qazi Isa, known for his staunch behavior sought answers from Government over allegations against him. Justice Qazi further asked proof for the case and asked if this selective leaks by government are meant for character assassination. Government saw a strong reaction by law dpt. calling the allegations baseless.

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Justice Qazi Faez Isa of Supreme Court of Pakistan has written a letter to the President of Pakistan seeking clarity if the government has actually filed a reference against him over the allegations of misconduct. Justice Isa is known for his upright and strong legal position in many controversial cases. He is also famous for powerful and legally insightful dissenting notes.

According to the details, in the letter, Justice Isa has noted that “I have to come to learn that the government sources are stating that a reference has been filed against me under Article 209 of the Constitution. I will be obliged if you (the president) could let me know whether this is correct and if it is, then provides me with a copy of the alleged reference.”

Additional Attorney General Zahid F Ebrahim has also tendered his resignation after the government has decided to file reference against the judges of the SC.

According to the source, Justice Isa further wrote, “I am confident that you will agree that if a reference has been filed and I have been called upon to submit a reply, only then to the permission of the Supreme Judicial Council, the government may disclose the reference and my response thereto.”

Justice Isa further conveyed to the President that “selective leaks amount to character assassination” jeopardize his right to due process and fair trial, and undermines the institution of the judiciary.

AAG Resignation

Additional Attorney General Zahid F Ebrahim has also tendered his resignation after the government has decided to file reference against the judges of the SC.

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The ex. AAG noted the ongoing move to hold judges of the SC accountable on flimsy grounds is going to cause irreparable damage to the judiciary and justice system of Pakistan. “In my humble view, this is not about the accountability of judges, but a reckless attempt to tar the reputation of independent individuals and is browbeating the judiciary of Pakistan. Unless resisted, it will cause irreparable damage to the institution which is the protector of our fundamental rights and the bedrock of our fledgling democracy,” he wrote.

Analysts appreciated AAG over his resignation on a principled position.

Moreover, social media rocked with support for Justice Isa for being pro-democracy and a staunch supporter of rule of law. Farhatullah Babar of PPP noted that the judges who are pro-democracy are being punished now.

Another social media user noted that “the reference against Qazi Faez Isa, J. is a transparent and ugly attempt to intimidate the judiciary & Justice Isa himself. Chief Justice Khosa should convene the SJC immediately to deal with the reference on its merits. This trial by media must end. Our judges deserve better.”

Justice Isa’s Record

Justice’s Isa is integrity and stature is well-known. “Justice Isa has an unblemished reputation for competence, integrity, and independence; the only flaw seems to be his readiness to speak the truth and unwillingness to take instructions in the performance of his official functions.”

Senior anchorperson and prominent analyst Kamran Khan noted that the timing of the development is very important. He also noted that Maryam Nawaz and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stand up with the SC and there may be tough time for the PTI government ahead.

The undeniable fact which shall continue to haunt the incumbent government is that Justice Isa enjoys reputation beyond the shadow of any doubt in legal fraternity and Pakistani nation. Lawyers have also expressed their anger over the development terming the reference inappropriate which did not fall under the category of misconduct.