Justin Bieber engaged to Hailey Baldwin: A look back at his relationships with Selena

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Justin Bieber’s engagement has come as a big surprise to everyone. Bieber got engaged to model girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, who he had dated in 2016 for a few months, and with whom he reconciled earlier this year. The 24-year-old ‘Sorry’ hitmaker is known for his catchy pop songs and outrageous antics. But Bieber is also known for his on and off romance with fellow pop artist Selena Gomez. The two started dating in 2010 and had been dating each other on and off for almost 7 years, including earlier this year. The couple is one of the most iconic ones for the millennials; think Bradgelina— for an Instagram age. So how did Hailey Baldwin and Bieber decide to put a ring, that too, so quickly?

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The onetime YouTube sensation was discovered in 2007 by his future agent Scooter Braun, with whom he worked on his first single (One Time) and debut album (My World 2.0). Bieber found success very early in his career and at 15 his singles had done remarkably well. While he continued to grow in popularity he also managed to find himself a proper girlfriend in the form of Disney actress Selena Gomez. The two began a long on and off the romance that was never appreciated by friends of and family of Gomez, from people like her mother to close friends Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.

The two broke up in 2012 reconciled but ended things again at the start of 2013. In the years since then, the two were on and off with their relationship usually being dampened by cheating allegations hurled at Bieber. Other factors that affected their relationship could have been their two year age gap (Gomez is considered wise for her age by friends and peers whereas Bieber is constantly reprimanded for his childish antics) and Bieber’s skirmishes with the law. The ‘Baby’ crooner has been charged with everything from vandalism and DUI to misdemeanor and assault.  Gomez rekindled her romance with him at the start of 2018 but soon ended things abruptly with many sources claiming that Gomez had finally decided that Bieber wasn’t the one.

Throughout all this, he continued to produce hits and maintain a close friendship with friend Hailey Baldwin, niece of comedian and actor Alec Baldwin. Hailey Baldwin a model and TV personality met him in 2011 and maintained a steady friendship through the years. Bieber and Baldwin seemed to have gotten very close in 2015, though both denied it was anything but a friendship. Things cooled off for some time and the two lost touch until May this year when they started speaking to each other again. And on June 8, Bieber popped the question to Baldwin and the two were engaged. According to a source at TMZ:

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“Everyone was at a restaurant on the property doing salsa dancing when Justin’s security told everyone to put their phones away because something special was about to happen,” the site says. “Justin then proposed in front of everyone.”

He then formally shared the engagement on Instagram.

While fans are surprised and some even happy, most are still reeling from the fact that it is not Gomez he’s getting married to. Selena Gomez for her part went through a kidney surgery last year which has made her decision to focus more on her family. The star has stepped away from the spotlight for a while but is said to be doing well. Let’s see what the future brings for these incredibly talented celebrities.