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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Justin Trudeau’s ‘Superman’ Halloween look is breaking the Internet

Justin Trudeau donned a perfect combination of Clark Kent and a ‘Superman’ for Halloween this year. He surprised the journalists and House of Commons alike when he walked in for his regular House duties.

Wearing signature thick black glasses of Clark Kent, DC fictional comic character, Trudeau later opened his shirt to expose the Superman costume underneath.

The leader later went trick- and treating with his family at Ottawa Rideau Hall. Pictures were later shared on social media.

For many, Canadian Premier is the perfect leader, who is respected by people from all over the globe. His humble gesture and lively aura have given him an unsolicited popularity.

This politician definitely leaves no stone unturned to reaffirm his “nice guy” reputation. However, Trudeau’s this year’s Halloween look is breaking the Internet.

Last year, Trudeau was dressed as a character from Le Petit Prince, French children’s book. His youngest son was dressed as prince from the same book.

Trudeau isn’t the only one in Canadian Parliament who wore a costume. His colleagues joined him in the spirit of Halloween too.