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Saturday, May 25, 2024

K-Pop Star G-Dragon Cleared of Drug Allegations, Leaves YG

Fans eagerly await G-Dragon's comeback as the K-Pop star is cleared of drug charges by the Incheon Metropolitan Police.

South Korean K-pop sensation G-Dragon, born Kwon Ji-yong, has been cleared of allegations of illegal drug use by the Incheon Metropolitan Police. The investigation into the singer and rapper was part of a broader crackdown on illegal drugs initiated by the government of conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol.

The police decided not to charge G-Dragon after failing to obtain testimonies to support the accusations against him. This decision comes amid a series of drug charge arrests involving chaebol heirs and celebrities, prompting authorities to intensify efforts to combat narcotics and enhance customs inspections.

G-Dragon, known for his role as the former leader of the K-pop band BigBang, vehemently denied the allegations from the outset. The 35-year-old star, a prominent figure in the fashion world and a prolific songwriter, had cooperated with the police investigation, including showing up at a police station for questioning.

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In a sit-down interview with Yonhap News TV, G-Dragon reiterated his innocence, stating, “I have never used drugs, received or given drugs from or to anyone,” referencing negative drug test results.

South Korea’s Stringent Drug Laws and G-Dragon’s Legal Victory

South Korea maintains stringent drug laws, with offenses typically carrying sentences ranging from at least six months to 14 years for repeat offenders and dealers. Despite the challenges posed by the country’s legal framework, G-Dragon’s legal victory highlights the importance of thorough investigations and adherence to due process.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police’s decision not to charge the K-pop star underscores the significance of obtaining concrete evidence before pursuing legal action. G-Dragon’s fans are celebrating his legal triumph, expressing relief and support on various platforms.

The exoneration of G-Dragon comes as a significant moment for both the artist and his fanbase, with many expressing wishes for his continued success. While the case has concluded for G-Dragon, the broader efforts to combat illegal drugs in South Korea persist, with authorities intensifying their crackdown in response to recent drug-related incidents involving high-profile individuals.

GD Quits YG Entertainment

Following his acquittal on drug-related charges, G-Dragon officially parted ways with YG Entertainment. The agency confirmed the separation in a statement, noting that G-Dragon was in discussions with Galaxy Corporation. Galaxy Corporation announced plans for a press conference to address G-Dragon’s drug case and acquittal, as well as discuss his upcoming activities for the next year. However, G-Dragon will not be present at the media conference. As of now, G-Dragon has not signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation.

YG Entertainment, in a statement on BIGBANG’s official website, expressed gratitude for the years of collaboration with G-Dragon, who had been a representative artist since his debut in 2006. G-Dragon’s contract with YG Entertainment had expired in June of the current year. The agency had previously mentioned their continued collaboration with G-Dragon through a different contract for various activities, including advertisements.