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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kangana Ranaut lauds Pakistan for expressing support with India

Indian actress Kangana Ranaut appreciates Pakistan for expressing support with India during these trying times. However, social media users were met with surprise when Ranaut praised Pakistan since the actress is known as a staunch critic of the country.

Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut on Saturday lauded Pakistan for expressing solidarity with India which is hit by the devastating second wave of COVID-19.

Kangana said in a tweet “Heartwarming to see a top trend from Pakistan #PakistanstandswithIndia. We too acknowledge their empathy in these testing times.”

Pakistani social media users were met with surprise when Ranaut praised Pakistan since the actress is known as the staunch critic of Pakistan, often voicing her extremist views against the country on social media.

In the past, the actress has accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan with attempts to destabilize India.

Pakistan social media had expressed humongous support to arch-rival India as devastating scenes of people dying from COVID-19 and lack of oxygen supplies flashed in the international media.

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According to the Indian media, several hospitals have put out SOS messages on Twitter asking for help with oxygen supply to save patients. The matter reached the country’s high courts and Supreme Court.

The crisis has gained prominence on Twitter and #IndiaNeedsOxygen trended on Pakistan Twitter. Pakistanis have urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to help India with the supply of oxygen.

Pakistanis maintained that political differences aside, Pakistan must help India on humanitarian grounds.

On Friday, 25 of the “sickest” Covid-19 patients died at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, and the lives of another 60 such patients are at risk, officials said. A source said, “low-pressure oxygen” could be the likely cause for the deaths.

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Several private hospitals in New Delhi have been struggling to replenish their oxygen supply for the last four days. Some of them have even requested the Delhi government to transfer patients to other healthcare facilities.

Other states have also reported a shortage of medical oxygen, Covid drugs, medicines, and Redesivir jabs.

The government of Pakistan had extended an offer of humanitarian aid to India on the weekend as emergency and panic gripped Pakistan amid the continued spike in the COVID-19 cases in Pakistan.

The government in Pakistan has been repeatedly warning the citizens to follow the SOPs and curb the spread of the virus otherwise they would be forced to impose harsh and stricter measures to control the crisis.

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