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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Kaptaan will fix everything: PTI assures public as inflation surges

As Pakistan buckles under the rising inflation, PTI runs a Twitter campaign assuring the people that PM Khan will fix everything. By sharing the government's achievements, PTI reminded the public that the country is indeed improving on many fronts.

As Pakistan buckles under the rising inflation owing to the hike in petrol prices, PTI assures the public that PM Khan will fix everything.

Friday, Pakistan witnessed yet another surge in petrol prices. The government increased the price of petrol and high-speed diesel by Rs 4 and Rs 2 per liter respectively. Important to note that 15 days earlier, the government hiked the prices of all petroleum products by Rs 5 to Rs 6 per liter.

The recent increase in fuel prices sparked outrage as the public lashed out at the government. With the hashtag “Jaag utho mehengai kay khilaf” (Rise against inflation) trending, Twitteratis, along with the Opposition protested against the hike in prices.

However, the government resolutely defended its decision. It claimed that petrol prices in Pakistan were cheaper than in the rest of the region.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said,” There are only 16 other countries which have lower petrol prices than ours. They are oil producers and have their own oil.”

“Pakistan has cheaper petrol prices than other regional countries as well, such as India and Bangladesh, he further added.

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Moreover, the government attributed the hike in prices to the global economic trends. Regarding this, in an interview with TRT World, PM Khan stated that inflation in Pakistan is “imported.”


To further combat the criticism aimed towards PM Khan, PTI and its supporters took to Twitter to remind the public of the Prime Minister’s leadership.

By posting the achievements of Pakistan under PM Khan’s leadership, PTI aimed to remind the public that the country is indeed improving on many fronts. However, a little patience is needed as PM Khan’s leadership will ensure brighter times for Pakistan.


Imran Khan worried about inflation: Sheikh Rasheed

Saturday, while talking to the media, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated that PM Khan is the most concerned about inflation in Pakistan.

“He is the most worried. Every week he talks about inflation,” Sheikh Rasheed said while talking to the journalists.

The minister also said that in Pakistan, the prices of petroleum products are much less as compared to India and Bangladesh. The petrol prices will fall if they reach a deal with Saudi Arabia, he added.

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The provision of food items and medicines at affordable rates is a top priority and the government’s national duty.