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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Karachi Education Board announces changes to exam timetable

The decision to postpone papers aim to provide students with ample time to prepare for their examinations after Ramadan.

In response to the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, the Primary Education Director of Karachi Division has decided to modify the annual exam timetable for grades 4 and 5. This decision aims to provide students with ample time to prepare for their examinations after Ramadan.

Delay in Annual Examinations

The official notification stated that the annual examinations, originally scheduled to be held before Ramadan, have been delayed. The new date for the exams is April 18, following the conclusion of the holy month. This change in schedule is intended to offer students a necessary respite during Ramadan and ensure they have enough time to study and prepare effectively.

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Additional Marks for Intermediate Students

In a related development, the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has announced an additional allocation of up to 15% marks for students in pre-engineering, pre-medical, and general science part I. This decision came after a fact-finding committee, endorsed by Sindh Caretaker Chief Minister, Justice (retd) Maqbool Baqar, investigated the unexpectedly low marks received by intermediate part-I students this year.

Rationale Behind the Changes

The decision to delay the annual examinations for grades 4 and 5 reflects a thoughtful consideration for students’ well-being, ensuring they have adequate time to prepare without the added stress of exams during Ramadan. Similarly, the allocation of additional marks for intermediate students highlights the authorities’ commitment to fairness and academic excellence.

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These recent developments highlight the Karachi Education Board’s commitment to prioritizing students’ needs and ensuring a conducive environment for learning and examination. The changes in the exam timetable and the allocation of additional marks are positive steps towards fostering a more supportive and equitable education system.